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Singing a Different Version

I think this will be my last post in the year 2017.   2017 has been an amazing year for me in so many ways.  
Many of the things I wanted to accomplish personally, I have accomplished with God's grace and guidance leading the way.
God is so Faithful, I just can't thank Him enough, sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about His goodness to me and my Mom.  I've had some sad moments and even times where I felt depressed and despondent, however I resolved to fight through and decided not to give in to the negative voices in my own head.  The truth is, joy really does come back to us if we hang in there and get through those low moments.
I am sharing a special rendition of the Lord's Prayer. It has been my Anthem (played so many times).  This version always makes me smile, gives me joy and gets me rocking and swaying with my hands lifted up towards heaven in thanksgiving to God.
May God bless you really good my friends. I appreciate each and every one of you that read this …

Jamaican Barbie~Miss Jamaica Miss Universe

I am so upset that I didn't know about the Miss Universe pageant airing last night!

I normally like to watch this event because Jamaica always sends a representative to compete and I love to support my people.

But this time it missed me and after logging on I see that Miss Jamaica made the top 3 finals!!!!

I've been scouring the Internet trying to view glimpses of the show and I've caught a few here and there.

I am so proud of my fellow County Woman because not only is she beautiful and intelligent, she wore her natural hair out in an Afro style;  My people!!! Confidence, not allowing the norm, and societal pressures, standards and expectations to recoil or hide her natural hair.

I am beyond proud and today join with thousands to congratulate Miss Jamaica from the 2017 Miss Universe Pageant.  I know she didn't Win the crown but she WON in many hearts.

Jamaica to the WORLD!!!!

Just Random

HI Friends,

I miss the Blogsville community😭.  Reading and connecting was a guilty pleasure, perhaps an addiction of some sorts that can no longer be fulfilled as it was when blogging was popping like 4 years back.

Some bloggers gave us a good bye post, most just stopped without notice, and so I still struggle with closure from the ones I connected with most that no longer blog (don't judge me).

Do you remember the days when you could hop from one blog to the next and the next and the next with updated posts?  Oh well, I need some blog rehab therapy.

Shout Out to the Real Blogger MVP's holding it down.  I am so happy to still be connected to a few who still blog regularly, however due to recent life changes for a few of you them, I wonder if you they will continue over the long haul?

It's hard for me to connect with most of the .com bloggers these days. Most just don't seem to have that personal touch as before. So much ...... 5 Things... 8 Must... 3 Doodles...  or th…

A Virtual Mini Concert~Featuring Mr. Vegas

Hi Friends,

Are you enjoying the the "concert" feature?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜„

It was so hard to narrow down the selections for this particular artist because there are so MANY selections to choose from.

Mr. Vegas is/was widely known for his popular reggae dance hall hits over the years; However, he choose to leave that life behind with all its fame, and sing for Jesus instead. He has a passion for inspiring people with his unique voice and talent.  He is truly a musical artist and so happy he is using his unique style to sing praises.

It's my pleasure to introduce to you Mr. Vegassssssss!!!!.............

No Body Greater

Rock of Ages

Mighty God

One God

He Walks With Me

Let Us Pray

Hi Friends,

There is so much taking place in our world these days. Although the present events from the news headlines may be alarming and/or frightening to some,  nothing happening today is new to our world.  War is not new; poverty is not new; nuclear concerns is not new; race relations is not new, Women's rights issues not new; humanitarian crisis not new; War on drugs not new; catastrophic weather, also not new.

I enjoy listening to Public Radio and Public TV news/documentaries because you get to hear and see things on a personal everyday life level that are not covered by mainstream media.  One such coverage that I watched recently is about women and little girls in Syria during this war that witness their fathers, brothers, uncles being murdered and then they are taken away as sex slaves.  The one that is so disturbing is an 11 year old girl that was rescued however she is SOOOO traumatized that she refuses to speak or even eat..... Lord Have Mercy.

My heart is just so overw…

A virtual Mini Concert~Featuring Marion Hall

This artist has been burning in my heart for a long time to share with you.  Minister Marion Hall was once a Reggae Dance Hall icon, as raunchy as they come,.....But God.

She shares her testimony of how God has been calling to her for a long time, calling her from the world and that type of entertainment to rest in his presence and to use her talents for Him instead.

She brings her fiery style and very talented Gifts to the world and for the Kingdom and it is very evident and felt through her music.

Let me introduce to some and present to other's Minister Marion Hall

Room in My House


Devil Have a Way

 I Wont Worry

Book Review: Remember the Roses

In my last post I shared about the amazing time I had while visiting my sister in Canada.  While preparing the trip, my Sister asked me to see if I could find this book for her, Remember the Roses by Lynette Lewis.  I told her I would try but made no promises because it was a short window. I was able to order the book through Barnes and Nobles for it to be delivered just in time before I left.

I surprised my Sister after settling in as she didn't know that I actually got the book for her.  My Sister read the book in a few short days and I got to read it right after her in just 2 hours (IT was a page turner for me/very encouraging).

Remember the Roses is such an encouraging and inspiring read for matured singles hoping for marriage.  Lynette takes us on her own personal journey of waiting for marriage while experiencing all her close friends and acquaintances getting married all around her.  She had the dream, like most women, of getting married by age 25 but there were many disapp…

Favor Travels: Edmonton Alberta, Canada

Hi Friends,

It's been a while since I've posted so I decided to share my latest 'Favor Travels' adventure.   Earlier in the year I blocked off a week in June for vacation. Although I had no specific plans, I knew I would do something with that time but I just didn't know exactly what at that time.

So in early May, my mom suggested that I should visit my Sister in Canada.  So I called her and revealed my plans to come visit her in June and there was just excitement everywhere.

This would be the very first time I would visit my Sister (don't judge me) and going to Edmonton Canada.  This was obviously a LONG OVERDUE visit.

I TOTALLY enjoyed myself SO much......ahhh God is Good. The hospitality was superb and I met great people, that has become lifelong friends and family.

Below are a few pictures from my stay:

West Edmonton is know as the biggest Mall in the World.  The mall contains a beach, amusement park and a host of other attractions.  This is a small clip of…

Introducing:: A Virtual Mini Concert (AVMC) ~Featuring Sherwin Gardner

Hi Friends,

As you know I enjoy sharing music/songs that I listen to, or that is "speaking" to me at the moment here on my blog.

I'm going to mix it up a bit.  Recently I've been inspired to explore a virtual concert style format.  I plan to present a short bio on a specific musician/artist and share in a mini concert style a minimum of three/four songs from the musician/artist (my idea of a virtual mini concert, blogger style 😊).

To kick off our FIRST Virtual MINI Concert, I'm introducing to some and presenting to others......... ...............Sherwin Gardner.

Sherwin is a Trinidadian Gospel reggae singer noted for his use of dancehall style and patois (Pat-Waah) in his music.

The first time I heard his music I was sure he was Jamaican and could not understand how I never heard of him before.  After doing some research I found out he is from Trinidad and I was blow away by his mastery of his Reggae stylistic presentation being he was not from Jamaica.  Very t…


Did you stop to pray this Morning? As you started on you way,
Did you ask the Lord to guide you? As you started on your Day...

Favor Travels: Longwood Gardens PA

I LOVE nature accentuated by beautiful flowers, trees, water etc.  It was such a pleasure to visit Longwood Gardens in PA a few weeks ago.  

The weather was LOVELY, Bright and Sunny.  I snapped a few photos that I'll share some below but they don't do justice to the beauty of the gardens.  

 Makes me imagine what it was like in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve's home, before sin and all.

Beautiful Spring Tulips in various, shapes, colors and sizes

Immaculate Landscaping

Pretty Orchids

Was truly a Beautiful day spent in the Gardens.
The scenes from the day reminded me of this song:
All things Bright and Beautiful All Creatures great and small
All things bright and wonderful Our Lord God made them all
He gave us eyes to see them And lips that we might tell

Singing He's Alive

Don't try to tell me that God is dead He woke me up this morning
Don't try to tell me He's not alive He lives within my heart...

The Lamb that was slain, He's alive Forever He shall reign, He's alive
They crucified Him at Calvary But He rose in Victory He's alive!!

He's Alive!He's Alive! King Jesus is alive King Jesus is ALIVE

It's My Anniversary

Celebrating another Birth Anniversary today only because God has been so good to me.

Somehow I didn't want to write write about it, then I decided it's not about me. God has been so FAITHFUL to me,  I want to declare and give him all the Glory and Praise for sparing my life, blessing me abundantly, and providing for all my needs.  I do have a few wants still πŸ˜‰ however I have everything I need, thank you Jesus.

How Did I make it All these years?!  God's Grace....I appreciate you, Thank you Daddy. As I continue on this Journey of life, I appreciate you more, your will is perfect.  I trust you Lord.

I dedicate this song to me and God🎼🎢

Singing A Love Song to My ALL - My ALWAYS

My hands  Were made To worship you
My heart My king It beats For you
Oh lamb so true I surrender to you My life (I give you) My love ( I give you) My all (all)...

But there's someone whose love is real Who cares about the way I feel
Every pain and erase every stain Theres peace when I call out Your name
Jesus, Youre my everything The cross, You did that just for me So whatever You take me through I promise You Ill spend my always with You
No one can touch my heart like You Or make me smile the way You do Ive finally found someone who Who really, truly loves me...

Women Recognition Day πŸ‘© One Day at a Time

Happy Women's Day Friends!!

Looking at history, Women in general have made so many sacrifices and fought so many social battles so that you and I can do and be anything we aspire to be and do.

Let's continue to support, uplift and encourage each other and be role models for those coming behind us.

Sharing this song to celebrate us today....

I'm only human I'm just a woman Help me believe in all I can be And all that I am...

Starvation As a Weapon of War?!

Have you been hearing in the news lately about the starvation crisis sweeping Somalia, parts of Sudan, some parts of Kenya, Nothern Nigeria and parts of the Middle East?

A news report I watched recently stated the starvation, which has been claiming over 100 people per day, in a few of these countries are due to strategies of war.  Others are claimed to be related to extreme drought conditions.

My heart grieves for our fellow human beings.  While I have so much and waste so much, it pains me to think of the unimaginable suffering/pain of people/humans like myself are experiencing right now.

Lord have mercy on your people.  For the causes of starvation due to drought, please send rain and a harvest for your people.  For the causes of war that produces starvation, I petition your throne for peace and restoration, order and aide for your people God.  Please in the Name of Jesus have mercy and make a way to relieve the suffering, heal your lands God and bless your people is my prayer toda…

Singing You Give Me JOY

There's beauty in my brokenness,  I've got True LOVE instead of pain There's freedomthough you captured me,
I've got JOY instead of mourning, You give me JOY, down deep in my soul..

The Second Coming

I've often tried to imagine what Heaven is like. Have you ever tried to think about or imagine Heaven?

When I read for example the first chapter of Ezekiel that describes Heavenly beings, the sounds, the Glory of God, and Revelation 20: 9-20I try to imagine it, albeit frustrating because it's hard to imagine things that I have never seen before.

I'm always intrigued by the descriptions and I just want to experience Heaven when Jesus returns.... I just want to make it in.

As I wrap up this short series on Spiritual counterfeits, I want to expose some lies deceitful notions about God's second coming, judgement and death.

I thought about breaking them into separate and distinct posts, but decided to combine the topics because they are all interrelated.

Why would Counterfeits exist in Christian teachings/doctrines you might ask? hmm... just think about it, the devil is a liar and the father of lies. Think about the fall of Man (Adam/Eve) in the Garden of Eden. God gave …


Wasn't my intent to have a long gap since the first post in this Counterfeit series πŸ˜•.  I have some catching up to do! How have you been?  I've been busy these days and really miss blogging and connecting.  I try to keep up with reading my favorite blogs at the expense of writing when I have some down time.

Have you been following along so far?

 The the first post we uncovered the truth about how we approach our favorite Holiday vs. God's Holy Day.

In this post we will uncover the truths about wealth and prosperity.  

What images comes to mind when you think of a rich person?

How about a Wealthy person, What image comes to mind?

Who doesn't want to be rich, wealthy and Prosperous?!

The prosperity that often come to mind for most are tied up with having loads of of money and all the physical tangibles to show for it. The issue is having  the tangibles of 'Prosperity' by owning material possessions often leaves a person still feeling empty....... Have you ever wondere…

HolyDay Time

Welcome to 2017 Friends!

Congratulations!!!!  We made it to the beginning of another Calendar Year by the Grace and Mercy of God. I pray that we will all accomplish our aspirations and have many more testimonies to share during the course of this year.

I'm excited to share the first post of our Exposing Spiritual Counterfeits series.

In the spiritual context, everything God created, the enemy presents a counterfeit.  The main purpose of the enemy is to deceive God's people, to keep us unaware and uninformed of the truth.  Keeping us ignorant of truth keeps us unable to detect his counterfeit presentations. 
The best way to detect a counterfeit bill of currency is to study the original.

Once we have studied the intricate details of the original, upon close inspection we can detect the defects in the counterfeit. The key is knowing the original well enough.

Holiday vs Holy Day

What is your Favorite all time Holiday?

Just a few weeks ago, we were in the midst of a major πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„H…