Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Book Review: Unstoppable by Nick Vujicic

Have you ever heard or seen Nick Vujicic?  Yes I mean seen him, (hint, google).  I saw Nick on television several years ago and was awestruck mostly by how eloquently, confidently, and positively reassuring his words and experiences are shared. He is a wonder, a brilliant mind and a blessing to so many.

I was looking for a casual read and came across his picture and name on a book and immediately grabbed it and knew I would enjoy reading this book.

I am half way thorough and boy is it a page turner.  I wasn't even thinking about writing a review and I'm not even done reading but this is such a great, inspirational read I had to pause and share.

I'm so full and this has been such a timely read for me, I can't even tell you all but God is good and I love every experience shared.  There are several encounters that Nick has shared in my read so far that has 'taken my breath away' .  I won't do any spoilers but just let you know this is an incredible read that you may want to consider.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Never Say Never

I always said that if I should stop posting I would never go without saying something or announcing my departure.  I always thought it was rude and insensitive to disappear to those who follow and read a blog to not have any closure.

Well here I am doing the Never I thought I would never do on this blog. It has been such a long time since I've posted anything here.

I feel like I have nothing exciting to share. That's the problem with comparisons, we I look (though a computer screen) at other peoples lives and feel like a lost balloon moving and yet just there.

There are always positive things to dwell on, inspire and share, but that is just the problem. Through the computer screen we mostly see the smiles, happy faces, inspirational quotes, motivational speeches but what about the real imperfect facts of life.  Why are we not inclined to be real, raw and transparent as much as we are inclined to appear super fine, fly and put together?

Just a rambling post that veered of the main subject of Never say never.  I'm not sure where I stand with future posts but at least here is a start :-)

Monday, March 11, 2019


HI Friends,

I am still here!  It has been a few months since my last post and I am really missing my space here.

Lots of interesting things has been going on for me recently that has kept me busier than normal.

Was promoted at work to Director of my team!! God has favored me and appointed me and by his leading and grace and wisdom all is going well.  Praise God.

I started a meetup group.  Are you familiar with meetup?  I'm so excited, I have two events posted so far and I'm am so looking forward to all that will evolve from this group!

I won second place in my local toastmasters club 'Table Topics' competition!!  That's second place out of four competitors.  The first place winner is a lot more experienced and competed before however, I was so proud of myself for taking the challenge.

Lately I have been itching to write a new series....It's usually around this time of year that I have the unction to delve into a new perspective from a spiritual angle. I have had so much inspiration and have been jotting down notes on my phone to not forget them.  Just need to settle and focus.

To my consistent blog friends, I still read all your posts!!  I miss you all and hope to engage more soon.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed week!

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Getting Ready for 2019

God has already started to blow my mind as the year 2018 is coming to an end.

I already sense by the surprises that have already begun to manifest that this is just the beginning and will continue into 2019.

I declare that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, the kind of blessings that is falling on me......Yes, I'm ready

Going into 2019......my theme song

Tasha Cobbs-Leonard

Monday, November 26, 2018

Overcoming Me

Usually around this time of year is when I start writing down my goals for the next 12 Months.  I also review what I wrote down to accomplish in previous years and noticed that often times I may not accomplish every goal within the time ascribed (12 Months)  but noted that some are accomplished within a 24-36 month window and I gleefully put a check mark for accomplishment. Such a wonderful feeling to do this!

2018 feels like it moved with such immense speed. In fact, these past few years feels like each subsequent year moves faster than the last. Have you experienced the same?

I've had many high points, low points and in between this year and I'm thankful for all of them. Yes, I'm even thankful for the low points because interestingly in these moments I've discovered various strengths and been propelled to stretch  beyond myself.

I will share how I channeled inner and spiritual strength to motivate myself beyond myself these past 12 months. In addition to developing a lifestyle of thankfulness, especially during the 'low' and in between moments/seasons of life.

I am naturally an introvert; almost 'cookie cutter' introverted. Like all things, there are great positives (strengths) and negatives (limitations) to this personality style.  One of the limitations of being an introvert is avoiding small talk/random chit chat.  You've guessed it, I am not a social butterfly.  There is a difference between being Introverted and Shy.  I am  not a shy person.  I can be 'social' if I choose, but its not my natural inclination.I am naturally inclined to hide away and not bee seen or noticed.  (perhaps a main reason why I am still 'single', perhaps the main reason why I don't have a blog profile picture, perhaps the reason why I don't write too many personal posts among other perhaps..... ).

Any how, this year I decided to challenge the Introverted me and join my Organizations Toastmasters club. Toastmasters is a public speaking club/community. I knew joining that I am generally a good public speaker as each time I've had to address an audience, I receive positive feedback unsolicited. My main reason for joining Toastmasters however was to transition form a generally good speaker to a GREAT public speaker, but more personally to challenge myself to mingle and just generally talk more, on purpose. The title of my first Toastmasters speech was 'Introvert Anonymous' which I compared joining Toastmasters for me was akin to joining an anonymous group for recovering addicts. So far, so great! I am thankful that I am investing in this aspect of my life and that I choose to challenge myself in this way. I am excited to see how this investment flourishes as time progress. Plus, I get to practice my chit-chat, small talk skills when I run into a club member. #Winning #Thankful #LivingPurposefully #OnPurpose.

I am also naturally an analyzer. Just like being an introvert, there are many positives and a few negatives to having an analyzer mind.  One of the negatives limitations of being an analyzer is OVER analyzing almost everything, often times unnecessarily. For me, this also causes some degree of anxiety, high degree of procrastination and the annoying habit of indecisiveness because, thinking 'analyzing' too much into a situation, suspecting 'analyzing' a persons unspoken intent or words, needing to know 'analyzing' the what if's and all possibilities to make the right decision; As a result, I am also not inclined to take risks.
This is one of the reasons I was so eager and was so blessed to have read Anxious for Nothing by Max Lucado  this book truly brought perspective to my anxious  over analyzing thoughts. I am a work in progress in this area and I am practicing daily to not think so deeply all the time, just live and let live and Faith my Fears.

I definitely can write lots more about my personal limitations and finding ways to overcome them.  It's a challenge that I look forward to improving on personally to nurture a better version of me. 

Finally, I am generally a very grateful person never hesitant to show appreciation.  I endeavor to keep strengthening this aspect of my life to always find reasons to be grateful and demonstrate an attitude of Thanks Living.

I encourage you to acknowledge your personal weaknesses and find ways to overcome them for a better version of you is waiting on ......YOU!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Singing about FAVOR

I know that you don't feel your best
Hold on, Be strong,
God's not forgotten you

Broken dreams got you feeling blue
Hold on, be strong
God's looking out for you

Just remember at the end of the day
The favor of God can open the way

God's favor, is more precious than life

God's favor, more precious, than life, to me

He brought me through hard trials
He brought me through tribulations

Never let a day go by and not realize
Had not been for the Lord who was on my side

Back was against the wall
He looked out for me
He heard my cry and rescued me

Never let a day go by and not realize we are blessed

Don't take it for granted that we are here today

Just know that we're blessed and highly favored
Clark Sisters

I give you favor
You will never want for anything
When you pray I will answer
Ask for rain and watch it fall

This is the hour
I'm pouring out My favor
Karen Clark Sheard

God Gave me Favor
He turned it all around

He gave Job twice as much as he had before

He gave me Grace and Favor...
Twinkie Clark

Monday, September 10, 2018

A Virtual Mini Concert ~Featuring: Carlene Davis

Excited to feature Carlene Davis for this edition of AVMC!

Carlene is such a fun, free spirited singer.  Her music ministry emanates sunshine and will certainly put a smile on your face and tapping in your feet.

I present to you international music minister......Carlene Davis!!