Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Let Us Pray

Hi Friends,

There is so much taking place in our world these days. Although the present events from the news headlines may be alarming and/or frightening to some,  nothing happening today is new to our world.  War is not new; poverty is not new; nuclear concerns is not new; race relations is not new, Women's rights issues not new; humanitarian crisis not new; War on drugs not new; catastrophic weather, also not new.

I enjoy listening to Public Radio and Public TV news/documentaries because you get to hear and see things on a personal everyday life level that are not covered by mainstream media.  One such coverage that I watched recently is about women and little girls in Syria during this war that witness their fathers, brothers, uncles being murdered and then they are taken away as sex slaves.  The one that is so disturbing is an 11 year old girl that was rescued however she is SOOOO traumatized that she refuses to speak or even eat..... Lord Have Mercy.

My heart is just so overwhelmed right now, because We are I am so spoiled with the comforts of life. If we just take the time to listen and watch what people are existing through, we have no problems really.....

Can we take the focus from ourselves today and pray for our world and our fellow human beings that are really suffering today?  I just feel that there are a few people crying out to the true and living God for help, desperate for relief, in some way or the other. Can we pray for those who have sacrificed the comforts of life to seek out and help our fellow humans suffering in one way or the other?  Can we also make the sacrifice at this time to support financially an organization or two that is helping meet the desperate needs of our fellow humans around the world?

Let us Pray....

Our loving Father, we know that you see and hear the desperate cry of your people. We know you care, and we know you love.  We know that because you have given us the freedom of choice and some will chose evil rather than good; and we know and believe that you will fulfill your promise to destroy all wicked, evil, and sin once and for all, and that we will inherit a new life with no more suffering, sin, evil and the desire for disobedience. Thank you for dying for us so that when you come back, those of us who believe and accept will have the rights to your promise and enter in the eternal rest and place that you have prepared for us. 

Have mercy on our world Lord, we pray that more will believe in you and learn to know and trust you, The true and Living God, even during these uncertain, difficult and trying times.  We pray that our lives will be of influence  for your Kingdom wherever we find ourselves.  We pray that we will find ways to help those in need around us whenever we see a need and even seek out ways in which to help. We pray that you will equip us and prepare us to be your helpers in the Mighty Name of Jesus we pray....Amen.

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