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HI Friends,

I miss the Blogsville community😭.  Reading and connecting was a guilty pleasure, perhaps an addiction of some sorts that can no longer be fulfilled as it was when blogging was popping like 4 years back.

Some bloggers gave us a good bye post, most just stopped without notice, and so I still struggle with closure from the ones I connected with most that no longer blog (don't judge me).

Do you remember the days when you could hop from one blog to the next and the next and the next with updated posts?  Oh well, I need some blog rehab therapy.

Shout Out to the Real Blogger MVP's holding it down.  I am so happy to still be connected to a few who still blog regularly, however due to recent life changes for a few of you them, I wonder if you they will continue over the long haul?

It's hard for me to connect with most of the .com bloggers these days. Most just don't seem to have that personal touch as before. So much ...... 5 Things... 8 Must... 3 Doodles...  or their posts are mainly promoting/marketing of products and brands. Nothing wrong with that, however that style/focus just doesn't resonate with me. (Deep breath, Oh Well)

My blogging is slacking too I know, but I got 'energy' 'inspiration' from the blog community at large.

Do you feel the same?

How can we strengthen our community of the few consistent bloggers left, and perhaps inspire others to share more, post more, or start a new anonymous blog?  I think a lot of people coming out kind of "cramped their style"

On another topic; I was at a concert last weekend, and lets just say it was not the most enjoyed.  The event  was to start at 6pm and they didn't open the doors until 6pm.  Sound check was going on and the atmosphere was just not feeling right. In addition, to some of the opening "acts" (Gospel music presentation should never be considered an "act" or entertainment) however, I can't help feeling this way at times, as that is how it comes across.

What is going on with this selfie society?!  I like to take a nice selfie every now and then but is there a line crossed when it appears obsessive?  While in line waiting to enter the venue, there was a group that took incessant pictures......I'm just saying, when is enough enough or too much too much?

Any way how about cell phone addiction? There was a lady next to me in the venue that was on her phone incessantly, between taking selfies, Facebook etc, just about the entire time.  It was distracting and disturbing to me at the same time, to see how people have lost themselves and unable to enjoy the moment, the present here and now without the need to touch their phone.


  1. I was thinking about this a few days ago about how much I miss the old blogging community. It was incredible, wasn't it? The way we weren't trying to make a buck, be the biggest blog star or sell your readers something. I miss that so much. So many bloggers I followed are no longer around and many of them did not write a goodbye post so I also feel like I didn't get closure. I often wonder what they are up to and how their lives have changed, etc.

    I really don't know if we'd ever get back to how it was because once people realized that they could make money from their blogs, it changed everything. My engagement on my blog is so low right now, I remember a time when it felt like I could spend an entire day catching up with blog friends. If anything, I am probably more productive, lol.

    But yes, I am with you. And miss the old blogging days.

    1. I'm glad you are still blogging and that you still enjoy it. You are definitely on my MVP blogger list and I appreciate you being a consistent blog friend. I hope we'll meet in person one of these days!


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