Thursday, December 7, 2017

Singing a Different Version

I think this will be my last post in the year 2017.   2017 has been an amazing year for me in so many ways.  

Many of the things I wanted to accomplish personally, I have accomplished with God's grace and guidance leading the way.

God is so Faithful, I just can't thank Him enough, sometimes I get overwhelmed thinking about His goodness to me and my Mom.  I've had some sad moments and even times where I felt depressed and despondent, however I resolved to fight through and decided not to give in to the negative voices in my own head.  The truth is, joy really does come back to us if we hang in there and get through those low moments.

I am sharing a special rendition of the Lord's Prayer. It has been my Anthem (played so many times).  This version always makes me smile, gives me joy and gets me rocking and swaying with my hands lifted up towards heaven in thanksgiving to God.

May God bless you really good my friends. I appreciate each and every one of you that read this blog.  The year is not over yet, the BEST is yet to COME .....

The Lords Prayer


  1. I'm so happy to read that 2017 has been an amazing year for you. God is so good and never fails us. Praying that 2018 beats 2017! Happy new year!

    1. Thank you so much Faith. I pray 2018 will also surpass your expectations with blessings and continued joy.


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