Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Book Review: Remember the Roses

In my last post I shared about the amazing time I had while visiting my sister in Canada.  While preparing the trip, my Sister asked me to see if I could find this book for her, Remember the Roses by Lynette Lewis.  I told her I would try but made no promises because it was a short window. I was able to order the book through Barnes and Nobles for it to be delivered just in time before I left.

I surprised my Sister after settling in as she didn't know that I actually got the book for her.  My Sister read the book in a few short days and I got to read it right after her in just 2 hours (IT was a page turner for me/very encouraging).

Remember the Roses is such an encouraging and inspiring read for matured singles hoping for marriage.  Lynette takes us on her own personal journey of waiting for marriage while experiencing all her close friends and acquaintances getting married all around her.  She had the dream, like most women, of getting married by age 25 but there were many disappointments and setbacks for her along the way, but she did eventually get married to the Man of her dreams while pursuing her purpose albeit at the age of 42. 

Her story is so ratable on so many levels and definitely gives one hope to keep dreaming, living, and hoping for the actualization of ones desires.

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Ironically, my second day in Canada, arrangements were made for me to meet a handsome, single Pastor.  All arranged by my Sister's other Sister and her Fianc√©.  We all went to meet Pastor at a restaurant for the introduction and it wasn't long before we got to having great conversation between us.  He invited me to his church the next day and was interested in knowing my plans for the rest of my time while in Canada.  I attended the Church service and we got the chance to meet again during the week for some 1x1 time to talk.

We met 1x1 and talked for hours on so many different topics while getting to know each others thoughts and ideas and background to see if perhaps we are compatible for marriage, I guess?!  Oh, and he requested that we prayed at the end of our meeting/chat......My heart was saying YES, Lord this is IT!!

This whole time I am confident he is the answer to my prayers and my 'checklist' for what I desire and plus, this Book I just read!

He made sure to get my number and kept in touch consistently for the first few weeks after I returned home via Whats App video calls.

To Be Continued....


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