Thursday, March 7, 2013

Predictions and Preperations

So in the area that I live the Meteorologists predicted by relying on their trusted devices that there would be a severe winter storm coming our way (Yesterday). The models they used showed snowfall would be around 6-12 inches of snow. In some states some would say no big deal, but where I live 6-12 inches is a big deal. 

Every one rushed to the supermarkets the day before to stock up on necessary supplies; Including me (smile).  As It was my turn to get my items rung up, the Cashier said, "There isn't going to be any storm coming Y'all, it's just too warm today for there to be a storm like there predicting tomorrow."  What she was referring to is the sun was shining and it was mildly cold but not cold enough for a storm.

I didn't respond to her comment even though she was talking to me and the people behind me.  I just smiled and thought to myself, this is the same thing that happened during Noah's time, the people thought this thing called rain was impossible as they had never seen or experienced such a thing. They mocked and laughed at Noah as he and his family built the Ark in preparation for the predicted flood. 

After Noah completed the Ark and moved his family in, it didn't start raining immediately and the people on the outside laughed and mocked at them.  But guess what?!!!  it finally did start raining, hurricane, tsunami, you get the drift.

Anyway, the summation of my thoughts was, I'd rather be prepared than not.  Well, the big snow that was predicted for yesterday did NOT happen. I think all the Meteorologist in my local area was a bit embarrassed, as schools and colleges, business places closed down in preparation.  Even the Gas and Electric company brought in extra helpers from other States should in case there was wide spread power outages.

All in all there are several lessons to be learnt from this experience.

What would you take away from this as lessons learnt?

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