Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Destiny with a Cost

One of my favorite stories in the old testament is the account of Joseph's experience.  This story is very inspiring to me in many different ways, one of which is how God used the unfortunate situations in his life and set the stage for greatness. 

God had a plan for Joseph's life. God used the challenging circumstances and experiences Joseph faced in order to fulfill Joseph's purpose/destiny. 

Joseph's Destiny was to be a ruler in a foreign land and as a result had to face many setbacks, obstacles, challenges, and opposition perhaps to prepare him for the future?  Perhaps these experiences helped shape future characteristics that would be needed in the great leader he would become.  I'm thinking he developed  and or perfected characteristics of patience, diplomacy, humility, obedience which as a sum all together equated to him being a disciplined person.

The story of David as recounted in the bible also shows his rise to being a King was not easy.  Saul sought out to kill him and he had to hide in caves and be on the run as a fugitive for several years. Although David was anointed by the prophet for the position he did not operate in the capacity of King until several years later.  I believe his experience being a fugitive helped David develop stamina/endurance that he would need as a future leader/King of Israel.

Let us be encouraged to know that whatever obstacles we face it is not necessarily to abort our Destiny.  Destiny may come with a price that eventually paves the way to be better and more equipped for what God has in store for us.  Let us rise to the challenge with dignity, humility, perseverance and obedience in the Name of Jesus.  I will achieve my destiny especially concerning my career goals.  Its up to me to pay the cost and realize the future value in the process.


  1. Very well said. Obstacles are not necessarily all bad. Like you said some are there to make us better prepared for the future. We just need to pray for the discernment to be able to distinguish between obstacles that we need to overcome right away and the once we need to endure.

    May God help us.

    1. That's key right here "we need to pray for the discernment to distinguish between the obstacles we need to overcome and the ones we need to endure" I whole heartidly agree and we need God's help for that discerning spirit.

  2. What a great reminder and post. I love the way you share the word of God here. It's refreshing when I visit your blog.


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