Friday, March 15, 2013

God Favors Me......#4

I thank God for His continued mercy, grace, protection, deliverance and FAVORS that He displays in my life.  Hence the name of this Blog 'Highly Favored' 

It was around July last year, I was leaving work early to go to a business related appointment.  As I exited the building there was another young lady that I don't know personally but we normally greet each other and have minimal small talk about the weather in the elevators or just say hello while passing each other in the halls. 

So this particular day we exited the building and greeted each other and talked about how nice the weather was that day.  As we entered the parking lot, I said enjoy the rest of your day and headed towards my car.  I proceeded to turn the key and the car made a funny sound but did not start.  I tried it again and and a few more times and got the same and I'm thinking to myself....this could not be happening, why isn't the car starting? I have an important appointment in the next 30 minutes or so, I cant believe this is happening!

Before I could think another word, the same young lady came to my car and said, are you having problems with your car? Do you need help?  I was so surprised and overwhelmed at her graciousness.  I responded and described what was happening.  I told her that I was going to see if the security would be able to help me and she said that she would wait until I got back.  I came back disappointed as somehow I wasn't able to get someone to assist.

She suggested that she would pull her car around and we could try the jump start because i indicated that I keep jumper cables as a safety measure.   Because the hood of my car was parked inward instead of out and there were other cars to the right and left of mine, we had a problem as the cables would not be able to reach.  She suggested that I put the car in neutral and push the car out of the parking space (this is a SUV).  I happily and readily agreed and we did! the both of us small and relatively petite Ladies pushed this SUV out of the parking space.  I couldn't believe that while we were doing this about two men passed us and did not ask if we needed help.

Any way we got the vehicle out and she pulled her SUV up and when she popped her hood we could not find her battery.  She thought quickly and said let me contact one of my co-workers, he is very helpful and knows about this kind of thing.  She called her co-worker and he came out and we used his car, I got my battery started and was able to get to my appointment and finalize my business though I was understandably late.

I graciously thanked them both, but especially thanked this young lady that was definitely a good Samaritan to me that day.  To God be the Glory for always providing.

I am Highly Favored by God.


  1. Nice! I love the way God uses people to bless us in little and big ways!
    Thanks for sharing your story and may you continuously be highly favoured xx

  2. Yes! I love this! The more we start looking for Him,the more we start finding Him in things. Thanks for sharing!


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