Monday, June 27, 2011

True Worship

What does worship mean to you?  I have been pondering this question for the past few days and I am convicted that Worship is not a feeling, its not an occasion but it is a lifestyle. 

I am convinced that we Worship God when our choices honor Him, when we submit to His will, when we make time to commune with Him during each day..... When we humble ourselves in challenging situations, when we are able to forgive those who hurt us and move on and when we are able to serve others.  This is what True Worship means to me. 

Dear God It is my desire to Worship you in every aspect of my life.  Please forgive me where I have failed and help me to always be mindful that True Worship is the reason for my existence;  You created me for your good pleasure and I surrender all to you today. In Jesus Name.


  1. hmmm..
    Good point about making our choices honor Him.
    I need to work on that... So help me God

  2. Yup, worship is indeed a lifestyle!

  3. True worship, to me, is in the way we live and how we act and react to situations. It means acknowledging God in every way we can.

  4. Highly Favored6/28/2011

    Thank you all for sharing! Worship is indeed a lifestyle which includes or reactions and interactions in addition to the fabric of our choices.


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