Monday, June 27, 2011

Is He?

I have this guy friend that I really like admire a lot.  He is ambitious, God fearing, good looking, well mannered, working on PhD in the Medical field full time and works every opportunity he gets to earn $$. Although I know that no one is "Perfect" he exudes what I would consider "perfect."  I've met his family and friends, attended an event or two per his invitation and so forth. 

The only thing is that I am always calling or reaching out to him to touch bases.  He is always busy with school and/or work.  Could it be that He's just not that into me or is he gay.  I question this because, you I've never seen or heard him talk about a girl or any special female in his life, he doesn't try to talk me up (I considered that to be the Christian principles or respect).  He is so fine, goal oriented, respectful, but help me understand.....what could it be?  I can't stand it.  I want to ask him but I don't want to risk our pure/innocent friendship.  What would you do?


  1. Rumor has it that if a guy really likes you, he'll make time for you.

    He may just consider you both to be good friends.

    This may help:

  2. Maybe he sees you as just friends o. To me, the fact that he doesn't reach out might mean he has other things on his mind and doesn't really think about you the. Well, its just my own opinion.
    If the friendship is very important to you and you don't want to feel awkward later, I don't think you should ask him. Again, just my opinion.

  3. Highly Favored6/28/2011

    Blessing- I guess your right.

    Ilola- He is indeed a busy person. Welcome to my blog.

  4. hmmmm
    I wouldn't rock the boat if I were you.
    Enjoy your relationship for what it is now and let him decide where he wants to take it. If he wants you, he'll bend over backwards to make it happen and you wouldn't be in doubt at all.. I think.

    If you decide to rock the boat, I suggest you free him, as in don't call him, text or anything... lets see if the though of losing you might wake him up

  5. Highly Favored6/29/2011

    Gbemi- Thanks, I won't risk rocking the boat. I like us the way we are.


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