Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's Your Favorite

Do you have a favorite bible story/account?  I LOVE the story of Adam and Eve...ever since childhood. My mother sometimes reminds me that when I was younger during our devotion times, I always wanted to hear Adam and Eve story. The only way she could satisfy me and maintain her peace from not having to repeat the same story over and over again was to tell me another bible story and randomly interject Adam and Eve in it.  I think that is so funny! 

Any way, as I am much older now there is just something about the Creation story that warms my heart.  Pure perfection in the Man and Woman that God designed. Can you imagine the perfect beauty that surrounded them in that garden, Eden.  I tried to imagine what it mush have been like but I can't.  That's why I can't wait to get to heaven to talk with them and get first hand account of what it was like.  I can't wait to get to heaven so that I can experience perfect creation as God promises to create a new heaven and a new earth.  I am excited!  I just continue to ask God for His grace to cover me so that I will be found a good and faithful.


  1. Interesting!

    God made man for intimacy and companionship;then man and woman to be a picture of him and us...

    Well done

  2. If only Adam did not eat the apple...

  3. Yeah, if only he didn't...
    but he did!
    Now we have to live with the consequences...
    Life *sigh*

  4. Anonymous7/19/2011

    ....should i start my own argument??...:D

    who said it was a fruit ehn???....ok, i won't start a 'war' here..just tom say thank you for coming.

  5. Thanks for dropping by my blog
    My favourite Bible story has to be the Prodigal Son.
    It took me time to understand the deeper message of unconditional love.
    However, as I have grown up, I have come to appreciate the message - as a parent and as a Christian


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