Sunday, September 6, 2020

Book Review: Salt In My Soul-An Unfinished Life

I have read a lot of interesting books over the past several months.  It seems like my favorite category of books are memoirs, bios.  I enjoy reading about peoples life story and experiences.  This is evident in 98% of the book reviews I have shared here so far.  I have read some really good ones and compelled to share.

I just got finished reading Salt in My Soul.  If there is any thing this book drove home to me is to be GRATEFUL for health.  I mean, I found my self pausing several times while reading to thank God for the blessing of health.

Mallory Smith had enormous health complications with a progressively debilitating disease in her lungs called Cystic Fibrosis (CF) ever since she was a young girl.  She had rigorous routines to keep up with and mountains of medications and unexpected, inconvenient hospitalizations throughout her 24 years of life.  

What struck me most was that despite ALL the challenges she faced daily, this girl LIVED.  She played volley ball, water polo, swam, and enjoyed surfing.  She went to College and found her niche although she was battling an invisible disease.   It was invisible because to the average person she looked healthy and normal and in some cases very active.  But far from it. 

Prior to reading this book, I had no knowledge of Cystic Fibrosis. She also battled an incurable super bug bacteria that could not be cured even with robust antibiotic treatments that also made her often more sick. 

I can't begin to relay all that Mallory endured and experienced, but this book was in no way a downer to read by any means, Mallory LIVED and that is the beauty in this story to me.  She had many friends who loved her and a beautiful support system from her immediate family. It was beautiful to read and experience her many highs and unfortunate lows.

Also, health insurance is a big unfortunate scam most times. It is ridiculous how much a suffering person has to fight to get what they need....the lies and run around from the industry is too much.

Mallory met a charming guy even though battling for health.  Did her their love survive?

Mallory eventually needed a lung transplant.  Did she get one?  Did she survive?

Check out the Book to find out🙂

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