Monday, February 5, 2018

Gardening 101:: Ground Preparation

In the last post we explored the purpose of a zoning map, which is to help us determine the best time to start sowing seeds and planting depending on your location.

The next step is to identify where to start a garden and perhaps the size, and begin preparing the ground for planting.

Preparing the ground for planting may involve removing grass and debris from the area.  Preparing the ground also involves digging and turning over the soil with a garden fork or similar tool to loosen and aerate.
Building healthy soil: Opening up the soil gently with a fork can help reduce compaction

The soil will also need to be enriched with fresh top soil, compost and/or manure in order to supply nutrients to the ground.  Without nutrient rich soil, your plants will not thrive, reach maturity or they may produce substandard harvest.

Life Lesson on Preparation: 

What life lessons can you share about preparation and its results in your life?

I  remember early in my Career, I wanted to work in a specific sector.  I made a lot of phone calls to gather information, note requirements, applied (even though I was not eligible).  In my situation it was near impossible, however I had a will and determination that I was going to have a particular job in a specific sector.  I would scout out Job Fairs and talk with sector specific recruiters from this interest of mine. I had all the knowledge but needed the right opportunity to open up.  One day, years later, the right opportunity opened up and literally fell in my lap, literally!  All the years of research, phone calls, prayers, applications eventually became a dream come true and reality for me. I prepared for it.


  1. Wow. Great. Preparation is very important. It is said that when preparation meets opportunity, it results in favour.

    1. Hmmm, I like that saying! thanks for sharing ..."When preparation meets opportunity it results in favor"

      So very true!


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