Saturday, February 7, 2015

Random_ Surprize

What an awesome time we had in service today!!!!!  My church has a special service each Sabbath in the Month of February to commemorate Black history in America.

We always start off with Africa Day and the praise team did an EXCELLENT job ministering and leading us in worship this week. They led out with beautiful songs from various African languages.  Awesome I tell you.....AWESOME!!!

Check out the service

Guess What???!! I bought a really nice Camera end of  December 2014.  It's a Cannon Rebel T5i.

I've been experimenting since, and below is the very first photo I took!....

A Poinsettia on our kitchen table...

Yummy soup being cooked by Mama was delish!!

A few days ago.....beautiful sunrise in my backyard...

Surprize!!!!! A picture (of a picture) yours truly, Highly Favored, Africa Day several years ago.

I'm excited about my new camera.  I'm learning how to use it and getting more comfortable with the various features as time goes by.  Looking forward to documenting and sharing more pictures as Spring and Summer approaches from Favor's Lens.

God Bless you!!


  1. Niceee. Good to finally put a face to the name.

    Looking forward to your images

    1. A partial face that I'm looking forward to sharing.

      Thanks Akibo!

  2. Awwww, I love the face of the lady I see there..even if it's not that clear..anything at all we see, We're

    1. (smiling) perhaps a clearer and more recent face will be shown at some point this year.


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