Monday, January 26, 2015

Miss Jamaica: Miss Universe

Did you watch the Miss Universe Pageant?

This is just a brief pause from our regular scheduled programming to vent my utter disappointment, disgust, and grief along with the rest of the World that Miss Jamaica did not Win Miss Universe.

I join the ranks with those protesting on facebook and twitter and every social medium to let Miss Jamaica and the world know that she WON, she IS Miss Universe in our book. I just can't believe these people!!!......How dare they?!

Listen below to how upset the crowd (as the rest of the sane world shared the same sentiments) when they "placed" her 4th runner up.  The crowd was up roared BOOOOOOOing like crazy, not at the contestant, they BOOOOOOOOOOOOed the Judges.

I went on the Miss Universe Facebook page and it was overwhelmed with  thousands of comments in disappointment and disbelief from all over the world that Miss Jamaica did not win or at least place 2nd runner up.

  The five finalists awaiting to hear their fate at the final on Sunday. Miss Jamaica had to leave the stage after coming in fifth in the contest

Excuse my frustrations, I know that there must be some lesson in this and I'm really digging deep to find what spiritual lessons we can take from this tragedy. I'll be thinking about what I can learn from this in a spiritual sense, until the revelation comes to me, please share any lessons you may take from this and help soothe my troubled heart.

Miss Jamaica Universe, you represented very well.... class, beauty, intellect. 


  Keep smiling Keci Fennell The World Chose you....

        Kaci Returns to Jamaica
 (Jamaica Gleaner)

P.s. Congrats Miss Nigeria for winning Ms. Congeniality


  1. I didn't end up watching Miss Universe but I'm sorry that things didn't turn out the way you and many others expected it to. I like your conviction that there is something to learn from this.

    What immediately came to mind is a Joyce Meyer presentation on the Power of Contentment which I often listen to. Although the link I'm providing starts at 14:15, for the entire context you could start at 13:25: The most pertinent part is from 14:15-16:40. Miss Jamaica can go on to do even greater and better things in Jesus’ name—this event does not have to define her future. There are many who will win Miss Universe and not make the most of their lives to the same level that someone who was born into poverty or hopelessness can. This can be a turning point in her life; may God give her the grace and wisdom to use the situation to His glory.

    For the rest of us it’s a reminder to rely on God, not man, for our promotion—we must place our trust, hopes and expectations in God, not on people.

    1. Excellent points GNG! For sure as believers, we must understand that our promotion/recognition/affirmations are directed and orcastrated by God and man's opinion and plans really don't matter at all.

      Thank you so much for this timely reminder!

  2. yeah its all over.. happy for her.

    1. Yes, looking at the grand sceme of things she did well to make it to the top 5 of 88 contestants.


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