Thursday, June 12, 2014

We The People.....One Love

"Out of many one people" is the Jamaican motto.  The fact is that Jamaican people are made up of a variety of ethnic descents. The majority of Jamaicans though are in fact from West African ancestry.  The historical accounts of how Jamaicans gained freedom from slavery is awesome and testifies to the general warrior and sometimes rebellious determined spirit many carry with them today.

Other demographics of Jamaicans are from the following descents Indian, Chinese, German, Jewish and European and there are a lot of Jamaicans who's heritage is a mixture from some or all of these categories. Because we don't have an ethnic/tribalism culture, as irrespective of the ethnic genealogy, the common culture is the same. As a result, there are a lot of mixed raced relationships/marriages that produces mixed offspring.

The Motto Out of Many One people aptly fits the description of Jamaicans because from my view and experience we live, eat, talk, and experience life generally the same way;  We don't have ethnic disputes or disparities other countries experience and I LOVE that about Jamaica and Jamaicans.

Lets slash some stereotypes one may have about Jamaicans shall we?

                                      Top 10 Jamaican Stereotypes
P.S. I'm one of those who don't eat pork and I'm not rasta #7(You'll get what it if you wathch the video)
There are many notable Jamaicans and individuals with Jamaican parentage that are well known that you may or may not have known they are Jamaican or of Jamaican parentage.

Here are a few:

General Colin Powell- First Black person appointed as Secretary of State in the United States Government during President Bush two terms and so far the first and only black person having served as Joint Chief of staff.

Kerry Washington- her mother is Jamaican from a mixed-race background   She is related to Colin Powell through her mother.

Naomi Campbell- International Model; Naomi Campbell is of African-Jamaican descent, as well as of Chinese Jamaican ancestry through her paternal grandmother, who carried the family name Ming.

Madge Sinclair- Actress. She played the mother of Eddie Murphy in Coming to America. She died of leukemia in 1995. She was cremated and her ashes were scattered in her hometown in Jamaica.

Corbin Bleu-actor, model, dancer, producer and singer-songwriter of Jamaican-Italian heritage. He performed in the High School Musical film series, the Discovery Kids drama series.

Lester Holt- News journalist who anchors Dateline NBC and the Weekend editions of NBC's Today, (Weekend Today) and NBC Nightly News in Brian Williams absence . Holt is of Jamaican descent on his mother's side

 Lester and Jenna both news Journalist tracing their roots in Jamaica.

Tessanne Chinn- is a Jamaican recording artist, best known for winning Season 5 of NBC's reality TV singing competition The Voice as part of Adam Levine's team.
Tessanne Chinn
 Robert Nesta Marley- born on the farm of his maternal grandfather in  Jamaica, to Norval Sinclair Marley and Cedella Booker. Norval Marley was a European-Jamaican of British heritage.
This is the end of a brief synopsis of Jamaicans my dear friends. Hope you enjoyed.
I wish we brothers and sisters of the world would/could live as one with one heart to love, care and be kind to one another.  This dream will be realised one day when God comes in the earth made new.  
God Bless and ONE LOVE.....


  1. Did not know Kerry Washington and Naomi Camphell had Jamaican ancestry...wish the world would look beyond ethnic origins and live in peace.


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