Thursday, February 20, 2014

'Play' on Emotions

If you haven't already figured it out, I LOVE music. As a teen I sang in several music groups and choirs. In recent years, I sang  solo's at church. Growing up I would drive my mom crazy at times singing often at the TOP of my lungs trying to imitate a soloist I heard at church and I would go on and on... She would say Nadia Favored!......stop, alright STOOOP!! 

I also remember as a little girl crying when I heard certain songs because they made me think how much I love my mom.  Growing up my mom would tell me she love me All The Time. So when I was little whenever I heard the song, I just called to say I love you and a few others, I would cry because it flooded emotions of how much I love my Mommy.

The melodies and lyrics of well composed songs can pull at our emotions. The perfect lyrics and melody often speak to my heart, express my current feelings, sooth my soul, bring me joy.  It all depends on where I am emotionally.

I use to post the lyrics to songs until I recently figured out how to embed the song/music itself from YouTube in my post.

I consider this space to be my personal release of theraputic sorts. Music is a part of who I am, and Is often my preferred method of expressing my innermost feelings/emotions.

Today, the song I'm 'playing' speaks ... I need an Angel...


  1. I feel the same exact way about music!

    My sisters and I use to pretend that we were a singing group and we will sing all the time. My mother loved it and said God had given us the gifts to sing.

  2. If music be the food of love, please play it on!.
    I love music soothing...but the genre music of this days gives much to be desired.
    We all need angels in our lives.....ministering spirits that do the bidding of GOD.


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