Friday, February 28, 2014

Our World

Dear Lord,

I thank you for bringing me through the Month of February.  There were more joys than sorrows and even in the sorrows I praise you because you are a comforter. You certainly know how to wipe tears and bring joy.

I pray today for my brothers and sisters in the eastern region of the world. Refugees fleeing from war, Individuals oppressed by Government, I cry out to you for the human lives in Syria, Sudan, Iraq, Ukraine, North Korea, Congo and all the nations where there is suffering and oppression. People fleeing for their lives, starvation, dehydration, malnutrition, sickness, debase sanitary conditions.  Lord have Mercy please. 

Dispatch your ministering Angels from heaven to attend.  Please allow favor for organizations and establishments with aid and relief to reach those who need them. Remove all barriers and obstacles in Jesus Name.

You see in Heaven the atrocities, Lord only you know.  Please hear my cry today for those who can no longer cry, hear my cry today for those who are too weak, hear my cry today for those who have lost hope.

You are Great and you are God Almighty.  We know that when you decide it is finished, and you have pronounced your final judgment all oppressors will receive their reward and all oppressed will receive their reward.

I don't take my blessings for granted.  I'm grateful Lord because I'm covered.  Have mercy on the Human Race is my prayer today In Jesus Name.


  1. I completely needed to read this!


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