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Inner Voice

Intuition is a powerful tool/gift that comes up out of no where sometimes which reveals and/or confirms things.  There are times I don't want to listen or even believe that gut feeling if I want to be honest.

But I thank God for an intuitive spirit.  That Spirit of discernment sometimes gets so strong and overwhelming I have no choice but to sometimes sadly and emotionally accept. 

Our intuition is designed to help us and most often protects us in various ways. Is it right though to question that gut feeling?  How do we know that there are not other factors that could be subconsciously speaking to us? Sometimes situations can get so confusing but if we want to be honest with ourselves, I declare that we should trust that gut feeling.  It's hard because at times I don't want to accept or believe, but at the end of the day I only hurt myself.

God please help me to know your voice and non other.  You are so faithful that you reveal things to me because you love me. Give me y…

The Answer

1 John 4:18

There is no fear in love. Perfect love puts fear out of our hearts...... The man who is afraid does not have perfect love.

My Prayer

God please give me the courage to love freely.  To love without reservation, to love without limitation, to love without hesitation. Dismiss all insecruities and release all confidence that I need. I am your Favored Daughter. Please help me, teach me and mold me after your will. In Jesus Name I pray.

The 'F' Words

Today, I am struggling with some internal Fears.  Is it contradictory to have Fear and Faith at the same time? 

What if Fear seems to be more dominant because Faith requires us to believe in what we don't know or can't see? Is that wrong?

Should we rely on our senses to have Faith?  What about logic?  Though I know the answers to these questions nonetheless the application to these questions are sometimes challenging.

I am about to enter a realm of supernatural experiences. I know it because there are some things that are lining up that are not readily logical and I don't  have direct answers to.  But at the same time I don't want to leave common sense out of the picture.

Is commonsense a factor in exercising Faith? (really love to know your thoughts).

Lord please help me to overcome my fears.  You have asked me to Give you all my cares because you care for me. Please take my fears and increase my FAITH so that everything lines up to your will concerning me. I seek yo…

Three Years Back and Forward

Three years ago I attended your Doctoral "white coat" ceremony that initiated the beginning of the three years of hard work and study you were about to undertake.

 I remember when you called me and so graciously invited me to attend.  I happily accepted your invitation.  You called me the day before the event nervously confirming that I would still be attending, I confirmed that I was still going but was concerned about the distance and driving.  You immediately made arrangements for a friend of yours to pick me up and take me. 

On the way, you called several times to make sure we were on our way, almost there, and everything was okay etc. When we arrived, I was surprised to see that it was only your immediate family there and myself. I thought, how special, I was honored.  I remember leaving the ceremony and you called to make sure that we were returning home safely and asked that I call to let you know I got home.  When I got home I said to your friend, see you in three y…

State of Mind

Could "this" be the answer to my longings, hopes, desires and dreams?

Where do I go from here, how will I know?
I'll need to hear from you directly from your thrown.

When I decided to not only pray but to open my eyes, ears and heart
There "this" was all along waiting for me to approve for a start.

Can I trust, can I be free?
God is "this" what you had in store for me?

I'll need that Direction, Confirmation and Blessing
I'll need that reassurance that you are directing.

For the many quesitons...
I will walk by Faith






God you make everthing beautiful in your time. You have never failed me and I know that you will never fail me.  I Trust You God...


Several posts ago I wrote about a Fellows Leadership Development program that was being offered at work.  I was excited about this opportunity and submitted my application.

I realized I didn't do a follow up post.  Well, I was accepted and have since completed the training.  The training itself was very enlightening. We did personality and communication style assessments and learned our strengths and areas that can be improved upon to be more effective with other personality styles.  We sat through hours of classroom training that was fun and entailed lots of interaction and activities about effective leadership.  

We have a capstone project to do/implement in our work areas and a presentation to make to the Fellows Program Organizers.  I am still working on my capstone project and looking forward to implementing and presenting the results.

I thank God for being accepted in the program and all that I have leaned.  I pray that God continues to mold me to be effective in what ever I d…