Friday, May 3, 2013


Several posts ago I wrote about a Fellows Leadership Development program that was being offered at work.  I was excited about this opportunity and submitted my application.

I realized I didn't do a follow up post.  Well, I was accepted and have since completed the training.  The training itself was very enlightening. We did personality and communication style assessments and learned our strengths and areas that can be improved upon to be more effective with other personality styles.  We sat through hours of classroom training that was fun and entailed lots of interaction and activities about effective leadership.  

We have a capstone project to do/implement in our work areas and a presentation to make to the Fellows Program Organizers.  I am still working on my capstone project and looking forward to implementing and presenting the results.

I thank God for being accepted in the program and all that I have leaned.  I pray that God continues to mold me to be effective in what ever I do and in whatever capacity I serve.


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