Thursday, June 14, 2012

Random Personal Updates

Career:  I praise God today that I received a promotion on my job Yesterday.  This is an excellent career opportunity and I'm excited about what the future holds.  God has truly favored me and I am eternally grateful to My God the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all living things.

Hair: Sometime ago I posted about my hair and contemplating perming.  Well, I did not perm, but I did cut my hair very low with the decision to start over and be purposeful with treating/moisturizing and conditioning well.  I did this back in February and have been doing well.  I don't wear my hear to work this way though...I have a couple lace fronts that I wear while out until I'm comfortable with the length and body to expose.

Relationship:  Not in any relationship.  I need to work on my social life in order to meet people.  I go to work, church and home.  Not sure what is in my future but still trusting God.


  1. Congrats on your promotion, HF | God is taking you higher in Jesus name.
    On relationships, working on your social life is not just about going 'out'. Its about picking up new interests. You could even meet people online sef. I met my fiance online... Just be open and prayerful as you trust God to bring the bone of your bone to you :)

    - LDP

    1. Thank you LDP. I'm trusting God.

  2. HF, this is for your latest post... hang in there k? Whenever you feel that way, it means the answer to your prayer is near and the pressure to give up and give in would increase too. Dont quite believing. God is on your side. Bless you, Sis.


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