Monday, June 6, 2011

Who Hooo

I'm so happy to log in and see that I have my first follower!  What a Blessing to have 'Blessing O' to be my first interested reader.  I am now so happy.....thanks Blessing. 

I'ts just so coincidental that I was going to write a blog on who will be the first to officially follow me and to my surprize.  Anyway, welcome to you and all the others who will "Follow me" in the future!

I am feeling a little sad that I did not spen quality time with God this weekend.  But I will not allow any guilt over  my lack of not spending time with Him to seperate me from approaching my father.  I just wan't my life to be a complete sacrifice of praise.

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  1.'re welcome love! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    And there's no need to feel guilty...God is always there, waiting for you with open arms *hug*


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