Sunday, October 11, 2020

Book Review~ Unshakable HOPE: Building our lives on the Promises of God


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I have, without fail, enjoyed EVERY book that I have ever read from (my uncle in my head), Max Lucado. Although this is his 40th book, I have only read four so far including this one.  He is my favorite inspirational author.  Here are links to my reviews of the three other books Here, Here, and Here

He has such a caring, loving, gentle, uncle type sense of humor about writing.  He is so gifted in the way he shares God's word. I am so glad he uses his gift of writing to be such an outpour of blessing. My spirit is always revived, refreshed, and rejuvenated every time I read his books.

This Book, Unshakable hope truly gave me the internal spiritual tune up that I really needed and reminded me about how important it is to know God's promises to his Children and more importantly the value/blessing in believing the promises.

I can attest to these truths and found myself nodding and reflecting on my life journey in agreement.  God's word is TRUE and His Promises does not fail.

What exactly is the concept of hope? 

How does hope work?

Is hope reliable?

Does hoping mean no more trails and hardships in life?

Can we have a better present and future without hope?

This book will answer all these questions and offer so much more! It truly watered MY soul.

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