Friday, December 18, 2020

No Fear 2021 is Almost Hear-----Moving Forward


We will be wrapping up the epic year of 2020 in a few short weeks! 

Perhaps you didn’t  get the opportunity check off everything you planned to do this year due to various changes, challenges,  and restrictions;  Nonetheless in Hindsight 2020 was a blessed year for me.  In health, Blessed, In strength, Blessed;  The Lord has truly been my Shepperd and I thank God for being so graciously merciful to me and my household.

Perhaps everything was not so bright for you but.....Nevertheless, Have No Fear -- 2021 is Almost Here!  We, are Moving Forward.

 Have an Ama21ng New Year J

Stepping into 2021 I declare.....

                                                               You know my Name

Moving Forward

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