Friday, August 19, 2016

Cultural Expression: USAIN BOLT

My Friends,

Long time since I've posted a Cultural Expression post.  As expressed previously I am from the beautiful Island of Jamaica and I occasionally share posts related to Jamaica and Jamaicans.

Well, today is an occasion where I want to BIG UP Usain Bolt!!! Three time Olympic champion, holding several gold medals for 100 and 200 meter races. For the past three Olympic games and has won a total of 8 Olympic Gold Medals.

I truly enjoy his 'persona' as he plays and relates with others and certainly his 'showman' style as he celebrates his victories.

This is Usain's final Olympics as he plans to retire after the Rio games.  So very proud of his accomplishments and how he has represented Jamaica during his Career.

The song in the video below reminds me of how Usain has lived out his dream and accomplished his goals as a Track and Field Legend.

My Dream/Look at me now
Artist: Nesbeth

Blessings....Big Up Yuhself USAIN........Jamaica to the World.


  1. How have you been? longest time! Just checking in, ..:-)

    1. Hey Destiny! I'm going great! Thanks for stopping by. I've missed you.

  2. Yes! One of my friends said that Usain is cocky but I told him that to me he's more of a showman and entertainer, giving the people what they want. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him race the few times that I caught him on tv.

    I don't know much about Usain but I like that he has a foundation through which he gives back to his country, and I like that there hasn't been any drug scandal attached to his name, as often is the case in track and field.

    Congratulations to Mr. Bolt and to Jamaica!

    1. Hey Jummy! I agree with you, he's not cocky at all; From my observation, he appears friendly and personable. He has contributed a lot to Jamaican and he insists that companies that want to work with him in certain industries go to Jamaica to do so in order to bring jobs to the local people. How great is that?!

      Thanks for connecting again and stopping by! You've been missed :-)


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