Monday, August 1, 2016

Book Review: Jesus Jihad and Peace

Hello Friends!

I'm excited to share this book review with you, because the subject is something that I wanted to understand for a while now.

This book, Jesus Jihad and Peace was definitely a page turner for me.  It drew me in by explaining the Islam/Muslim religion and the various sects and what they believe and why.  It also drew parallels to Christianity and allowed the reader to understand the root nature of what is taking place in our World today.  I was not surprised by the differences, but just in awe of the fundamental beliefs, motivations, and objectives of this Group. 

The Books author, Michael Youssef, was born in Egypt, and spent the first 19 years of his life in the Middle East.  Dr. Youssef is a Christian Pastor and this background gives tremendous credibility to facts he shares.

I was touched by the last Chapter on Peace.  I will not give too much away in case you are interested in reading the book, however, we are presented with three types/perspectives of  Peace : Deceptive Peace, Dark Peace, Divine Peace.  It's not hard to figure out what Divine Peace is all about if you are a believer in Jesus Christ.

Christian believers, following Christ or calling ourselves Christians is not a cute play.  Should you be accosted and forced to denounce Christ or face death, will you buckle? or, will you remain steadfast in your faith?  Let us examine ourselves and declare by Faith, for God/Jesus I live and for God/Jesus I die, blessed be the Name of My Lord.


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