Monday, June 29, 2015

These Days

Can evil become any more evil?  When you think the worst of the worst could happen, you recover from one tragedy, here comes another.

Have you ever wondered, Lord where are you?  How can you allow such a murderous actions to happen to your Children? in Your house of worship?!

What about the passing of laws that contradict God's institution of Marriage?

I would say these are fair questions that we should not be afraid, or shy away to ask our King.

One thing we need to remember is that there is a Battle taking place between Good and Evil. The excerpt below from The Great Controversy by Ellen White offers some helpful insight on what is taking place today and why...

The great controversy between good and evil will increase in intensity to the very close of time. In all ages the wrath of Satan has been manifested against the church of Christ; and God has bestowed His grace and Spirit upon His people to strengthen them to stand against the power of the evil one. When the apostles of Christ were to bear His gospel to the world and to record it for all future ages, they were especially endowed with the enlightenment of the Spirit. But as the church approaches her final deliverance, Satan is to work with greater power. He comes down "having great wrath, because he knoweth that he hath but a short time." Revelation 12:12. He will work "with all power and signs and lying wonders." 2 Thessalonians 2:9. For six thousand years that mastermind that once was highest among the angels of God has been wholly bent to the work of deception and ruin. And all the depths of satanic skill and subtlety acquired, all the cruelty developed, during these struggles of the ages, will be brought to bear against God's people in the final conflict. And in this time of peril the followers of Christ are to bear to the world the warning of the Lord's second advent; and a people are to be prepared to stand before Him at His coming, "without spot, and blameless." 2 Peter 3:14. At this time the special endowment of divine grace and power is not less needful to the church than in apostolic days.  Through the illumination of the Holy Spirit, the scenes of the long-continued conflict between good and evil have been opened to the writer of these pages. From time to time I have been permitted to behold the working, in different ages, of the great controversy between Christ, the Prince of life, the Author of our salvation, and Satan, the prince of evil, the author of sin, the first transgressor of God's holy law. Satan's enmity against Christ has been manifested against His followers.

Prayer: Lord have mercy on our souls. We desire to draw closer to you to get to know you and your word more than ever before; we recognize there are bold distractions and subtle distractions. We recognize evil, we recognize deficit in morality and blatant disregard for your instructions and commands in our World.  We ask that you be our guide as we aspire to live your way, we ask that you keep us grounded and focused.  Let your testimonies and praise never cease from our lips. Protect us from all Evil and save us in your Kingdom as you have promised when you come is my prayer in Jesus name. Amen.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Singing Praises to a Good God

It's my favorite time on the blog, come join me in singing Praises to our Good God....

My God is Good Oh
Woke me up early this Morning
Could have been dead but I'm breathing
Jehovah Jireh is able
You provide good food on mi table
Oh Lord I'm feeling di feeling
Oh, Oh Oh oh oh My God is Good Oh...
Jason Mighty
God is Good
If you didn't know by now, you should,
You can see that God is good.
Gave me joy that no one could.
God is good to me.

Brought me out of darkness into light,
made the wrong things right.
Gave me joy that no one could,
God is good to me...
Lisa Page Brooks
God is Good
God is good, God is Good,
God is good to me how can I let Him down
How can I let Him down,
How can I let Him down,
He's so good to me...
He Pick me up, turn me around
Place my feet on higher ground,
How can I let Him down,
How can I let Him down, 
He's so good to me...
Grace Thrillers

Monday, June 22, 2015

Home Again

Hello Friends!!

How are you doing?  Well, I'm back, returned last week.  Everything went relatively well with the funeral services for my Father.  We traveled and came back home safely, Praise God.  A few hiccups with our return and as usual God fixed it.

Upon our return:

1st: We missed our connecting flight as the screens were showing the wrong gate;  Decided to ask an attendant after a while, who looked up the flight and told us the right gate number; after dashing across the airport we were told the flight just left and we needed to re-book.  We dashed across the airport to find the re-booking station, when it was our turn, the Lady/travel arranger that helped us asked "Are you Christians?" We replied yes.  She said you look like Christians and began sharing her personal testimonies with us. She was full of Praises for the Lord and we were blessed to Praise God with her.  God blessed us that there was another connecting flight to our City in just a few hours and we were able get home that night. God is a Way Maker, Thank you Jesus!

2nd: The taxi driver talked about the Lord, unprompted my us, all the way to our destination and we had a blessed conversation.  It is so refreshing to meet people who really love the God and are passionate about sharing the Lord and His goodness in their everyday lives. 

After settling in, My mother asked me to get her medicine. That's when I realized that her handbag was missing. We searched and could not find it.  Her handbag had her medication and our camera in it. I started feeling overwhelmed and grief stricken thinking about the memories on our camera of pictures several years old now; not to mention my mother's medication.   I looked at the clock and It was after 2am in the morning.  Called the cab company to see if her hand bag left in the cab; they called a cab driver but it was not the same one that took us home.  I asked God to please have mercy and help us to recover the bag. I cried a bit and prayed with exhausted desperation and then decided to surrender and forced myself to sleep.   I called the cab company again the next day and they were able to track down our cab driver and he found the handbag.  Praise be to God for Ever and Ever!

3rd:  The next morning, my mother was moving one of our vehicles out of the drive way and for some reason the door would/could not open with the remote OR the physical key (have you ever heard of a KEY not opening a door?)  We tried and tried and nothing!  I remembered that my cell plan has an emergency assistance and decided to call them to see if they did lock out assistance.  They did and sent someone over right away. Even the man said he had never seen anything like that before, any way he did his thing and got the door open but the car would not start and the alarm started making NOISE non-stop.  I called the dealer to report the problem and there was a re-call for this lock issue and we took it in to get it fixed at no cost to us.  God did it Again....Praise Jehovah.

4th: Returned to work and was told there is a Big re-org taking place to be effective immediately. Staff was being moved and for some reason, I felt very calm.  With all the hype, hallway conversations and speculations, my spirit was not troubled.  After the official announcement at a staff meeting, I was told that I was staying put. God Is Faithful, His promises are true.