Tuesday, May 5, 2015

About JAMAICAN Mothers

For anyone who has been following/reading my blog over the years, you would know that my Mommy and I have a very close relationship. I have paid many tributes to her in several posts over the years.

This year however, as Mother's Day approaches, I wanted to share with you from a drama perspective of what the typical Jamaican Mother is like  most especially when raising teenaged children.

Jamaican Mothers are typically loving and protective of their children. HOWEVER when our Mothers get Mad Vex ANGRY with you as a child it's a different story all together. The experiences and relationships are different when we get older though.

Can you identify and or relate to any of the common themes in the video from your experience growing up?

Things Jamaican Mothers Say
Jamaican Mothers

Diary of a Mad Jamaican Mom
Jamaican Sinting

Raising children is no easy task; May God strengthen and bless all Mother's around the World doing their best and beyond to love and train thier children.

Have a Happy Mothers Day!! 


  1. LOL! Completely. I feel like Jamaican moms and African moms are very similar, LOL!!

    1. Are they!? that means we have stories for daaaays don't we ;-)


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