Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Feeling Patriotic

I remember several years ago, A friend came to visit me and exclaimed "I didn't know you were so patriotic?!"  I kinda smiled and nodded, but at the time, I really didn't know what patriotic meant (don't judge me).  I'm not sure if I heard or paid attention to the term before but to hear it referenced to me, I was a little unsure about the meaning.

Any way, When my friend left, I told my mother about the statement that was made and asked her what Patriotic meant.  She looked at me a little surprised that I didn't know the meaning but told me in essence something along the lines that being Patriotic meant, showing/having pride about my home Country.  That's when I realized my friend was making reference to the Jamaican flag that hung on display when you walked in our house at the time, and at that time I also had a Jamaican flag hanging on my car windscreen.

Well, today I'm feeling Patriotic.  My Patriotism this time has nothing to do with my home Country, rather it's about a place called Calvary.  Calvary is where Jesus died, poured out his blood, experienced shaming and beatings to save me from the eternal penalties of my sins.

Jesus gave His life as a sacrifice to pay the consequences of our sinful actions. As Christians around the world begin to reflect on our Saviour's most precious gift to humans I'm feeling as sense of Patriotism.

This week I'm singing and showing my Patriotism about a  place called Calvary.......

At Calvary
Wilmington Chester Mass Choir
I Believe In a Hill Called
Mt. Calvary
Gaither Vocal Band
It Wasn't Easy
But it was Worth It
CeCe Winands


  1. I'm with you sister :)
    We definitely have every reason to be feel patriotic, especially this week.

  2. Wow. Are you from Jamaica? I thought you were Nigerian?

    Atilola's World

    1. Atilola! ha ha, well I guess you were not following me at the time I revealed my Nationality officially on the blog about a year ago now. Here is the link to that post: http://triumphantorder.blogspot.com/2014/04/nationality-revealed.html

      Also feel free to check out the 'Cultural Expressions' tab up top...I've shared several posts about Jamaica and Jamaican's and related topics there.

  3. I like your idea of patriotism.
    I love this ariticle


    1. Hey Funmi! Glad you enjoyed.


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