Sunday, October 19, 2014

See You at Sunrise Brother Sam

Brother Sam, you have been a special friend to us for many years.  At 91 you were still very sharp in mind, and will. I will always appreciate your visits to us, your recounts of your life experiences and I always marvel at how God raised you up and sustained you and by extension your family with favor. 

Your sunset has come and I am not sad.  I am going to miss you but I remember you telling my Mom recently that you were at peace with God and anytime He is ready for you, you are ready.  That statement made our hearts glad and at ease.

On your bed of affliction these past few weeks you never failed to say thanks for anything that was done for you. Even when you were weak. Brother Sam, over the years, your friendliness, hospitality and personality has served you well. The outpouring of love and numerous visits and personalized care you received outside of the hospital staff is a witness to the kind of person you were and how you were loved by many.

There is no doubt that we will meet again in the earth made new.  I look forward to that day in Heaven when we will embrace, rejoice, embrace again and praise God.

Papa Sam!!!! See you in the Morning at Sunrise.


 God gives life and He takes it away
He is the Potter and [we] are the clay
When [we] view the last sunset and cross over the sea 
[we]know the sunrise will be waiting for [us]

Oh what a sunrise it’s going to be
Death will lose its sting, the grave its victory
The silence will be broken
The storm clouds rolled away
I hear the saints and angels singing
On our homecoming day

Time will come for the last goodbye
There’s a smile though tears dim the eye
Death will take us, but only to sleep
In the arms of our  Savior so sweet...
Grace Thrillers


  1. Amen,, Thank God for the assurance of the resurrection that we will meet again at Christ's feet.
    Sorry about your loss dear *big hug*. May God comfort you and all his loved ones xx

    1. Yes, this blessed assurance of the resurrection and eternal life. Thanks Ayo.


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