Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dreaming of Reality

Here I am dreaming again. Day-dreaming;
My mind racing, but this time I'm pacing myself.

The questions of my mind,
The questions of my inner most thoughts,

Who will answer?

There is only one who's answer really matters.
I'm pacing myself.

Let me know please God. I want to hear from you directly.

Order my steps and grant me favor if this is your will.

If this is of you, let me know without a doubt.
If this is not of you or your will, let me know with a shout.

I am confident

I am free, I am all you made me to be.

I am beautiful

I am lovely, I have what it takes to be all bubbly

I am anointed I am blessed

I know you want me to have your best, past your test, and be at rest.
My mind is racing but I'm pacing myself.

Not my will but yours be done.
I trust you, I love you, we've only just begun.


  1. Amen! May God order our steps in Jesus name

    1. In Jesus Name. Hope all is well.

  2. That was beautiful! He truly thinks all those things of us and is such a mighty God that no matter what, He will always reassure you of that!


    1. A Mighty God indeed. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  3. Gods will is perfect....the grace to wait and know that he's always on time....he loves more than our earthly parents

    1. God's will is perfect. Let us continue to wait on Him and His timing. Bless you sykik.


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