Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Just wanted to throw out a couple questions that are crucial at this time in history.  My personal responses includes 'food for thought'  what are your thoughts?

Who or What determines your moral compass(views,values,beliefs)?  For me, it is my upbringing and the word of God AKA the Bible. 

What about alliances?  Who or what determines the types of friends you choose, associations you join, place of worship?  For me, it is my values, upbringing, expectations,  input from a trusted source, and research.

What or Who can persuade you to change your values, beliefs, views ?  For me,  anything contrary to the word of God cannot, and by the help of God will, not persuade me otherwise. Are you aware that enemy has very subtle ways of stealing our allegiance from God?  In every way, the enemy tries to turn God's perfect plan into imperfection and trys confuse God's people.  If he is unsuccessful, he will use anyone he can in a subtle way, it may be someone of influence, who is generally respected and liked to cause a shift in opinion, beliefs and even allegiance. 

I am convinced that it is not a good idea as  bible believing Christians to support, endorse or  form alliances with someone whether through friendships, or political support, who's beliefs principles and convictions are openly out of line with God's word.  We are currently living in a time in America's history where the following phrases  "One Nation Under God" and  "In God We Trust" are being challenged in ways that are making these phrases null and void.

Have you ever heard the term that the truth mixed with error is a lie?  For illustration:  An apple tree will bear 10 different species of apples if you water it daily and ensure it gets adequate sunlight and fertilizer.  This statement is obvously false botanically incorrect, I have never heard of an apple tree or any tree for that matter bearing different species of the same fruit.

As stated before, the bible is the basis of my beliefs and values as a Christian. If you are not sure what you believe or not sure where the bible stands on one of the most controversial issue in this election; Research the following texts and decide if you are with God and his perfect order or Man made order:

Genesis 2:21-23
Romans 1:26-27
Leviticus 18:22
Revelation 21:8

Who's side are you leaning on?  


  1. Very insightful and thought provoking post. It is very easy to follow man made orders and completely forget about the most important basis for everything, the word of God.

    1. Yes Ma'am. May the Lord help us to Keep on the right track and not get caught up and swayed with the popular 'wide gate' philosophies but stay on the stright and narrow path of truth.

  2. I agree with you; I am on God's side! It's what He says and nothing else. That's how to live in His will and purpose. Blessings, HF. Long time..

    - LDP

    1. Bro Sam! Praise God for your declaration and stance. Let us continue to live in His will and purpose.


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