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Just wanted to throw out a couple questions that are crucial at this time in history.  My personal responses includes 'food for thought'  what are your thoughts?

Who or What determines your moral compass(views,values,beliefs)?  For me, it is my upbringing and the word of God AKA the Bible. 

What about alliances?  Who or what determines the types of friends you choose, associations you join, place of worship?  For me, it is my values, upbringing, expectations,  input from a trusted source, and research.

What or Who can persuade you to change your values, beliefs, views ?  For me,  anything contrary to the word of God cannot, and by the help of God will, not persuade me otherwise. Are you aware that enemy has very subtle ways of stealing our allegiance from God?  In every way, the enemy tries to turn God's perfect plan into imperfection and trys confuse God's people.  If he is unsuccessful, he will use anyone he can in a subtle way, it may be someone of influence, who is g…

God Favors Me....# 3

I thank God for His continued mercy, grace, protection, deliverance and FAVORS that He displays in my life.  Hence the name of this Blog 'Highly Favored' 

I thank God for having the opportunity to experience the joys of motherhood.  I have two sons. Though I did not personally conceive them and give birth to them physically,  I have been blessed to be a part of sharing in their growth and everyday experiences which include both the good, pleasant and lovely as well as the not so fun experiences as well.

I am the 'God mother' of two remarkable boys. 

Son  #1Isaiah was born in 2001. We share the same birth month April. He was and still is handsome and sweet as ever.  His mom and I were friends from middle school through high school.  I would take him on the weekends ever since he was about 8 months old.  He enjoyed going to Sabbath School on Saturday morning and learning and interacting with the other children.  when he became about 2-3 years he would cry if we were late …