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Random Personal Updates

Career:  I praise God today that I received a promotion on my job Yesterday.  This is an excellent career opportunity and I'm excited about what the future holds.  God has truly favored me and I am eternally grateful to My God the Creator of Heaven and Earth and all living things.

Hair: Sometime ago I posted about my hair and contemplating perming.  Well, I did not perm, but I did cut my hair very low with the decision to start over and be purposeful with treating/moisturizing and conditioning well.  I did this back in February and have been doing well.  I don't wear my hear to work this way though...I have a couple lace fronts that I wear while out until I'm comfortable with the length and body to expose.

Relationship:  Not in any relationship.  I need to work on my social life in order to meet people.  I go to work, church and home.  Not sure what is in my future but still trusting God.

Not About Me

Sometimes I am unable to pray.  I think about talking to God and wanting to be closer in relationship with Him but sometimes there is a valley that I experience and the longer I take to start reading His word again and have consistent prayer the more guilty I feel and the more I stay away. 

This week the the Holy Spirit revealed to me that I worship God and acknowledge Him because of who HE is, not because of how right/wrong, righteous/unrighteous, worthy/unworthy, guilty/free I feel. I worship God because Worship is all about acknowledging HIM as Creator, Lord of lords and King of kings.  The frame of mind that I am In does not change those facts. As a result there is no need for me to feel that valley of guilt when I need to talk to my God even though I have not been purposeful in attending to our relationship.  He remains 'I AM' irrespective of anything else and for that He will always accept me as I acknowledge Him,  Praise Him and be mindful of Him; why? He is worthy to …