Friday, March 2, 2012

When I look back I thank God because HE had something better in store for me

I got an unexpected yet highly expected surprise yesterday.  I discovered that someone I had admired, hoped for, like and respect is engaged and will be getting married.  The title of this post gives some hidden reference to a related post I wrote about this person last year.

I am genuinely happy for him because he is a respectable and nice person.  Just disappointed that that I was not the chosen one. 

I am waiting Lord, you have been so faithful to me, you have given me all that I need but this want that I have has been delayed.  Is it your desire for me to be married to a Godly, respectful, ambitious, handsome loving Man?  It is my desire to be united in Marriage and have children, now I don't see any prospects as the one I hoped for is no longer available.

By Faith I declare that you Lord God Almighty have something better in store for ME.


  1. *Tight Hugs*..I believe God has sent his prince just keep moving, he will discover you :)

    The one who got married, God knows us better, things might look awesome with him as being the one for you but God knows better.. :)

  2. Yes he sure does someone better...just be patient...your waiting will NEVER be in vain!!!!

  3. Amen! And not to rattle your cage but sometimes after praying i like to add "not my will Lord, but only you'r be done".

    I want to be married, I want kids and grandkids and companionship and all that fuss but if it is not in the will of God for me then it is ok.

    God loves you and He will provide for you when the time is right and even when He doesn't be assured that it is for a very good reason. Bless your heart

  4. God has what is just right for you and also knows when and how to deliver. It is well with you my dear

  5. You guys are so kind...thank you so much for your uplifting, hopeful and encouraging words!!!! I can feel your genuine care and support...BLESS YOU.

  6. HF, His ways are not our ways; neither are His thoughts ours; in fact, as the heavens are higher; so are His ways to ours.

    You know I used to like a particular friend before I met my fiance and I thought she'd make the best woman for me. It never happened. Like your story, she went with someone else. But guess what? God had a plan! Oh... the best plan for that matter! When my fiance showed up, I tell you, 10x better! I have no regrets losing that lady. In fact, I actually thank God she didn't pick me cos I'd have missed the best for me. Will be getting married soon and I have no doubt I'd be getting married to the best. HF, I believe my testimony is enough to encourage you. Like my latest post says, "After you've done all you can, STAND! WAIT! ...on Him" His words are true and He makes all things; ALL THINGS beautiful.

    Blessings to you :)

    - LDP

  7. Wow.. First time on your blog and just had to comment.. In many ways, I can identify with your writings and it's funny how I thought I was isolated in what I was going through..
    May I echo LDP's comment in saying that I can say most certainly that as long as God is in control you, when YOUR man comes, you will thank God that it did not work out with this man. Not because he is not a good person but your man will be so much more compatible and lovely for you, your thanksgiving to God will overflow! I have seen it happen over and over again.. I have experienced it as well!

    I seriously commend you for your attitude of thanksgiving (I can dare say that I know how you feel and just like unveilinggold, I give you a 'tight hug'.. What you must be feeling must be hurt and huge disappointment) but let me reiterate, you have taken the right step.. Thank God for what you cannot see and what He may have prevented you from and then you sit and watch Him do what He knows how to do best... Giving His children good and PERFECT gifts..

    God bless you xx


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