Friday, March 2, 2012

When I look back I thank God because HE had something better in store for me

I got an unexpected yet highly expected surprise yesterday.  I discovered that someone I had admired, hoped for, like and respect is engaged and will be getting married.  The title of this post gives some hidden reference to a related post I wrote about this person last year.

I am genuinely happy for him because he is a respectable and nice person.  Just disappointed that that I was not the chosen one. 

I am waiting Lord, you have been so faithful to me, you have given me all that I need but this want that I have has been delayed.  Is it your desire for me to be married to a Godly, respectful, ambitious, handsome loving Man?  It is my desire to be united in Marriage and have children, now I don't see any prospects as the one I hoped for is no longer available.

By Faith I declare that you Lord God Almighty have something better in store for ME.