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Choices and Love

I enjoy watching nature documentaries about animals.  I'm not sure why this is so intriguing to me but I always look forward to watching them on PBS and animal planet.  One thing I've always admired is how female animals and birds are so careful about who they allow to mate with them. 

The male species would always have to prove themselves via strength and or display then the female would in most cases decide whether or not they would allow this male to mate with them for offspring.

I always wonder how much thought and consideration humans take in account with regards to offspring when choosing a mate.  The thought and consideration I am referencing is not necessarily about looks as much as character traits which are usually expressed through this males life choices.

I consider that Adam and Eve were created perfect and lived in a perfect environment but their bad choices holds consequences to all generations after who were born in sin and shapen in iniquity thus we all have …

A Bruised Heart

I have so much admiration for bloggers who share personal experiences of hurt and pain because it really takes a lot of courage to share your heart.  I am going to make myself vulnerable today and share a deep hurt and the realizations/revelations I got from it. 

I really really like this young man that I've known for about 6 years now.  He is handsome, ambitious and loves the Lord.  I have met his family (an intentional action by him).  One day several years ago he asked that I come and meet his father. I've attended his place of worship by invitation several times and have been introduced to his friends.  I was invited to and attended his graduations etc. But while these actions would seem as if he likes me in actuality I'm confused and really don't think he does. 

He rarely calls me or texts me and I attribute excuse this to his school schedule as he is currently in a rigorous PhD medical program.  I reach out to him most times (once every other month) to say hi and…


It's been quite a number of years since I've worn my hair completely natural, probably about 4 or 5 years now. However I remember just prior to going natural that each time I was getting relaxers, I started getting this conviction and ill feeling about altering the state of my hair that God gave me.  This was not due to any external pressure as 4 or 5 years ago in my location there were not a lot of people talking about or going natural so I was not being "brain washed" by any external influences.  So this inner guilt kept getting stronger and stronger until one day after taking braids out of my relaxed hair I had it cut off to the new growth length.  That is how I started to embrace the hair God gave me. 

I wear it out in what I describe as a poof with a scarf wrapped around most of the time.  To be totally honest, I am proud of my hair and who I am.  BUT, I am really considering perming again.  I don't know when but I know soon.  I am ready for another change a…