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Singing A Love Song to My ALL - My ALWAYS

My hands  Were made To worship you
My heart My king It beats For you
Oh lamb so true I surrender to you My life (I give you) My love ( I give you) My all (all)...

But there's someone whose love is real Who cares about the way I feel
Every pain and erase every stain Theres peace when I call out Your name
Jesus, Youre my everything The cross, You did that just for me So whatever You take me through I promise You Ill spend my always with You
No one can touch my heart like You Or make me smile the way You do Ive finally found someone who Who really, truly loves me...

Women Recognition Day 👩 One Day at a Time

Happy Women's Day Friends!!

Looking at history, Women in general have made so many sacrifices and fought so many social battles so that you and I can do and be anything we aspire to be and do.

Let's continue to support, uplift and encourage each other and be role models for those coming behind us.

Sharing this song to celebrate us today....

I'm only human I'm just a woman Help me believe in all I can be And all that I am...

Starvation As a Weapon of War?!

Have you been hearing in the news lately about the starvation crisis sweeping Somalia, parts of Sudan, some parts of Kenya, Nothern Nigeria and parts of the Middle East?

A news report I watched recently stated the starvation, which has been claiming over 100 people per day, in a few of these countries are due to strategies of war.  Others are claimed to be related to extreme drought conditions.

My heart grieves for our fellow human beings.  While I have so much and waste so much, it pains me to think of the unimaginable suffering/pain of people/humans like myself are experiencing right now.

Lord have mercy on your people.  For the causes of starvation due to drought, please send rain and a harvest for your people.  For the causes of war that produces starvation, I petition your throne for peace and restoration, order and aide for your people God.  Please in the Name of Jesus have mercy and make a way to relieve the suffering, heal your lands God and bless your people is my prayer toda…