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Brain Power

In our last post we defined Power. We also learned that all power belong to God and that as joint heirs with Christ we share in his sufferings and we also share in his glory and power as well.

Today we are unlocking the dimensions of 'Brain Power'.

The human brain is an intricately complex organ that serves the human body with  many functions.  

Our Brain contains billions of neurons that transmit chemical and electrical signals enabling us to receive, analyze and store information, as well as coordinate body movement and functions; Additionally, It goes without saying that our brain is the 'control box' of our senses to include the external senses of touch, smell, taste, vision, hearing.

The diagram below offers a very simple display of the various sections of the Brain and their roles.

Diagram Source
**The web is flooded with various sites offering more  in depth facts about the brain and its intricate operating functions.

Since we have confirmed that it is our brain…

Defining Power

As we begin I've Got the Power series. It is only fitting that we take the time to first off carefully define and understand the meaning of Power.

The definition of Power varies to some degree depending on the on the part of speech (noun, verb, adj) it is being used as. 

Power as a noun is synonymous in meaning with Authority, Jurisdiction, Control, Command, Sway, Influence and Dominion;

The Mirriam Webster Dictionary offers the following synonym discussion on Power:

Power implies possession of ability to wield force, authority, or influence. Authority implies power for a specific purpose within specified limits.Jurisdiction applies to official power exercised within prescribed limits.Control stresses the power to direct and restrain. Command implies the power to make arbitrary decisions and compel obedience. Sway suggests the extent of exercised power or influence. Dominion stresses sovereign power or supreme authority.
It is important for us to acknowledge and understan…

I've Got The POWER

Greetings again friends.  It was such a lovely weekend.  The chill of winter seems to be slowly but surely fading away.  We had brilliant sunshine and moderately warm weather over the weekend.  It felt great!

There is just something about the brilliant sunshine paired with warm weather and the clear beautiful skies with patches of white clouds that thrills my soul and puts an involuntary smile on my face.

I'm looking forward to full swing of Spring and Summer...what about you?

I have been blessed to celebrate another birth Anniversary last week. All the glory belongs to our King, the Creator of the Universe.  I thank my Lord for His ever faithfulness to me. As the words of the song states, When I think of the goodness of Jesus and ALL He has done for me, my soul cries out HA-lle-LU-JAH, praise God for saving me.

The topic of this post is where I would like to operate in a bolder way in my life; demonstrating the gift of Power that Christ gave me.

The following texts are re-shapin…

"Jamaican" Obama

As a follow up to the previous post, I had to share the video clips below to conclude President Obama's visit to Jamaica.  
The video clip below is of Mr. President greeting University of the West Indies (UWI) Students in Jamaican "tongue".....Very Impressive

President Obama acknowledges Usain Bolt and Shelly Ann Frasier in the Audience in this short video clip

President Obama also visited the Bob Marley Museum...

President Obama Visits Jamaica

United States President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Jamaica today. 

Former President Ronald Reagan was the last US President who visited the island in an official capacity 33 years ago.

President Obama's agenda includes meeting with Jamaica's Prime Minister, as well as several Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders; Laying a wreath to honour veterans of World War I and World War II; President Obama is also scheduled to host the President’s Town Hall forum with Caribbean and Regional Young Leaders.

Although I am disappointed with some of the policies President Obama has established during his term thus far; I am happy and proud to have lived in this lifetime to witness a relatively unknown black man with a correct African name become President of America.

In 2013 Mr. Obama's Presidency term coincided with the 150th  Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation that was signed by Former President Abraham Lincoln in 1863 which proclaimed the freedom of all slaves.