Monday, May 26, 2014

Grieving a Loss

I've been grieving the loss of a very special friendship for a couple months now.  I grieve because this friendship was formed in such a special and unique way.

How do you say goodbye to a friendship so true and pure? We talked for hours on end on anything and everything and sometimes nothing.  After all these years of keeping in touch, it comes to an end.

Were you a seasonal friend?
No, I know you were not, because no matter what was going on in your life or mine we connected.

Were you a friend for a reason?
I think so, I grieve because God allows individuals paths to cross and bonds to form that reveals His beauty, purity, love and holiness.

Were you a friend for a lifetime?
Unfortunately it looks like the answer is no; this grieves me.

It's my fault, I could have handled situations differently, but didn't exactly know how so I did the best I thought to protect you and to protect me too. 

May God continue to bless your pathways and guide your steps.  May His grace and mercies continue to cover you all the days of your life, my once so dear friend. You were true and sincere.

Lord give me the grace to let go and let it be in Jesus name I pray.........Amen.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Worship Service

Worship service today was DYNAMIC. Each weak we go higher and higher in praise and worship.

I wanted to post our service from last week here because it was sooooo GREAT! This week was on another level. I'm torn between which to share so I'll share both.

This Week High Praise:

Last Week Dynamic Praise:

P.S. You may or may not see Yours Truly ' Highly Favored' in these videos  :-)

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Got to Be Dreaming

I remember as a little girl praying to have dreams about heaven; I heard about people having visions and experiences, and I wanted to "see" heaven and all the great things I read and heard about.

Have you ever wanted to envision what heaven is like and what you would like to do when you get there?

I love this song........
I dreamed of a city called Glory, So bright and so fair
When I entered that gate I cried, " Holy"
The angels all met me there
They carried me from mansion to mansion
And oh what sights I saw
But I said............

I Bowed on My Knees

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Love Defined....

The inspiration for this post came from my Devotional Reading.  It blessed my soul so much I wanted to share a portion here.

Galations 5:21-23 -  But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control. Against such there is no law.

“After all, Joy is love enjoying itself;
Peace is love resting;
Patience is love waiting;
Kindness is love reacting;
Goodness is love choosing;
Faithfulness is love keeping its word;
Gentleness is love empathizing;
Self-Control is love resisting temptation.”
Author: Ray Stedman

Monday, May 12, 2014

'A Mother's Love' Concert

I mentioned in my last post that my mom and I were attending a concert for Mother's day featuring, Gladis Knight, Tasha Cobbs, Tamela Mann, Marvin Sap and  James Fortune.

The concert was being held at the Arena downtown and was to start at 5pm, so after having a delicious dinner prepared by me :-), we got all dolled up and ready to go.  The sun was shining so rich and bright, a gorgeous afternoon.

We did not anticipate so much traffic, apparently there was a ball game going on in addition to various other events including the one we were attending.

I was praying that we would find sufficient parking close to the Arena, and we did! literally right next to the building with parking spaces available. God is good.

There was a loooong line to enter as each person had to have there purses/bags inspected before entering and tickets processed etc.  Needless to say we arrived in our seat at 5:30 just when Tasa Cobbs was ending her song and all we heard was Brre-eak-Chain, BREAK!  You know how she can minister to those chains.  I wasn't too disappointed because I attended a concert a few years ago that she participated in while ministering this song.

Next up was Marvin Sapp, he sang a medley of his songs and gave testimonies in between on when he was experiencing homelessness and various obstacles he faced physically and spiritually.  He was very engaging, energetic and we enjoyed his 'ministration'

After Marvin was Tamela Mann, I enjoyed Tamela as well.  Her style in dress is always so cute and her hair is always on point.  Any way, she sang a couple songs that I wasn't too familiar with but of course she ended with Take me to the King and I can only Imagine her most two notable songs of recent time.  She introduced her daughter that was one of her back up singers, who co-sang a song with her.

We breaked for intermission and next up was Gladis Knight.  She was the main show.  This lady looks so good and worked the stage with so much class. I didn't know the songs but a lot of the 'older' ladies knew them very well :-).  My mom teard up and shed a few tears when she sang 'The Way We Were.'  This was very touching for me because growing up, every now and then my Mom would sing a few lines to this song:  

Memories, light the corners of my mind
Misty watercolor memories of the way we were.
Scattered pictures of the smiles we left behind
smiles we gave to one another
for the way we were

I love you Mommy.....may we continue to make beautiful memories while God continues to color our lives.   

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Thanks for This Gift

Happy Mothers day to all Moms and Moms to be!!!!

This afternoon my mommy and I will be attending 'A Mother's Love' gospel concert featuring Marvin Sapp, Tamela Mann, James Fortune, Tasha Cobbs and Gladys Knight.  This is going to be such a treat, the weather is currently sunny and warm too, a beautiful spring day.

Lord I thank you for the Gift of my Mother we differ in personalities like night and day yet we are so similar at the same time.  God, I have been more than blessed by her ministry and sacrifice she has poured on me over the years.  My heart does not have enough space to sufficiently thank you for choosing her to be my Mother and to thank her for taking her responsibility to levels that others could only dream of to have in/from a Mother.  Father bless her, God fulfill her life, continue to strengthen and encourage her soul and lift her spirits to sour in your satisfaction, favor and blessings all the days of her life.  Thank you for the gift of My Mother.

                                           A Song for Mama by Boyz II Men

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nyam Good Food: Part I

Nyam means eat. The word originates from our ancestral roots somewhere in West Africa.  Look out for a future post on the people of Jamaica where I'll discuss who we are, our history and ancestral roots.

Today's post however is about Jamaican food!!! I'm going to talk about a few dishes and in future post highlight some pastries/deserts, drinks that are unique to the Jamaican cuisine.

The average person when they hear Jamaican food most likely thinks of Jerk, curry goat/chicken, Oxtail or rice and peas.  There is SO much more to the Jamaican cuisine and I'll take the time to highlight a few outside of this bracket.

One thing I dream about when I miss home is the FOOD.

Below are a few highlights:


  • Various sources state the ackee tree is indigenous to West Africa and was imported to Jamaica in the 1700's on a slave ship.

Ackee Tree
Jamaican National Fruit – Ackee

  • Ackee is derived from the original name Ankye which comes from the Twi language of Ghana. (If you are from West Africa, have you seen this tree before? just curious)
  • Ackee cooked with salt fish is the National dish of Jamaica.
  • Traditionally eaten with Jamaican side items such as boiled or fried dumpling, boiled yam, green bananas, fried or roasted breadfruit.

National Dish: Ackee and Salt Fish
Picture of Ackee and Saltfish

Stew Peas:
  • Stew peas has gown to be one of my favorite Jamaican food to eat. It is a red kidney been stew that is so comforting and aromatic.  My mouth is watering now just thinking about the smell...........

Jamaican Stew Peas
  • For a demonstration and list of ingredients to cook Stew Peas, check out this link: Cook Like a Jamaican


  • A green leafy vegetable that is steamed with onions, garlic, tomatoes and sometimes salt fish.
  • Mostly eated as breakfast dish with traditional Jamaican side items  such as boiled yam, green banana, boiled or fried dumpling.
Manish Water/Goat Head Soup:
  • Manish Water is popular soup served at large gatherings mostly wakes and funerals and is popularly served in a Styrofoam cup.
  • The soup is made mainly from the goa'st head. The soup includes, green banana, coco yam, dumpling, pepper and various seasonings. Very aromatic.

Mannish Water/Goat Head Soup
Manish Water-3
Okay, let's stop here.  Look out for part II where I'll introduce some deserts and pastries.

And what is a post on Jamaican food without Jamaican Music?
Down by the River By Morgan Heritage

Saturday, May 3, 2014

In Spite of the Storm.....My Anchor holds

This past week has been a trying one for me. I wish this Christian journey was all a mountain top experience all the time.  Unfortunately it is not, but I pray that my anchor in Christ holds though at times the sails are torn...........Jesus help me......In spite of the Storm....