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This Week

Whew!!  This week I've encountered one challenge after the other, after the other, was crazy.  The A/C started blowing warm air over the weekend, On Monday on my way to work, various dashboard lights came on (check engine, exclamation, VSA);  Also on Monday while having renovations done in the Kitchen a leak in the sealing was discovered previously hidden from worn out plumbing upstairs. Also discovered that an appliance being professionally installed was damaged. In addition,  a friend calling me in tears because her husband closed their joint account and opened up a new one in his name only without her knowledge and all the money is now in his name.

I became so overwhelmed, I didn't know if I should laugh or cry.  I was just in a state of shock and numbness knowing I needed to keep a level head in order to work though these issues one by one.

I am declaring that God is a provider and a way maker. I took the car to the dealer yesterday and the A/C problem was covered by a r…