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Don’t be Foolish

I am doing well in case anyone was wondering!Yes, I am alive and doing well, Thanks to God.I appreciate each and everyone that values this space enough to read my thoughts, inspirations, prayers, praise, longings/desires and anything else that inspires the writings in this space. My inspiration today comes from a story that most have heard before. The foolish and wise virgins in Matthew 25.There were 10 of them.The story says 5 were wise and 5 were foolish. Both groups went to meet the groom, took their lamps and slept while waiting.Now when the announcement was broadcasted that the groom is coming and the instructions was given to go out to meet him, the foolish requested that the wise give them some of their oil. But the wise refused and told them to go and buy their own as there would not be enough to share. My thoughts: How guarded do we keep our relationship with God including the influence of the Holy Spirit? Do we allow circumstances and/or others to drain our ‘Oil’? Individuals that…