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Tomorrow will be by birth anniversary.  God has truly been faithful to me over my lifespan- from birth to present. 

God has NEVER failed in providing all my needs.  This is not so say that there weren't some 'stormy times' and 'burning furnace' experiences, but I am proud to say that I did not bow and I did not let go of God's had.  When I was week...He was strength for me. He has opened doors and blessed me with Divine Favor.

Father God, I thank you for this life that you have given to me.  I thank you for being with me through the years, the good times..the challenging times.. the happy times...the testing times...through it all I've learned to depend on you and You have never failed me yet.  Thank you for loving me so much. I love you Jesus.

Song: My Tribute - by Aundre Crouch

How can I say thanks for the things
You have done for me?
Things so undeserved yet you gave
To prove your love for me
The voices of a million angels
Could not express my gratitude