Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Washing Machine

A couple months ago my clothes dryer died so I purchased a new washing machine and dryer… the new kind without the agitator.   While reading the operating manuals for instructions and experimenting with a load of laundry, an error message popped up and I had to go to the trouble shoot section to figure out what the problem was and make the recommended adjustments. 
One morning while going through my bible study, I realized that the concept of our relationship with God is metaphorically similar to a washing machine.   I started imagining the following …
Our Operating Manual: The bible which provides instructions on healthy living and healthy relationships for our survival both with fellow human beings and with God.
Laundry:  Us humans who desire to live clean and holy unto our God
Detergent: The Blood of Jesus
Troubleshoot:  The Holy Spirit
Warranty: Jesus death, burial and resurrection

Hallelujah!!! Thank You Jesus.