Monday, June 13, 2011

Can't Take the Drama

My post today is on such a sensitive topic to me.  I am an only child to a single parent.  Mother has provided me with the best of everything.  She has taught me not only by verbal dictates but most importantly by physically demonstrating the qualities of living virtuously and putting faith into action.  I have learned a lot from my mother and I am so happy that she has brought me up in the nurture and admonition of our Lord, and taught me the value of education(high expectations of academic achievement).  The problem I have is that my mother gets so easily offended and always seems to blow things out of proportion when we have disagreements and when she feels I have offended her.  I can understand being ticked off but why all the drama?  I mean I am so tired of all the emotional stuff that I have now become so withdrawn and emotionless when we have these moments. 

Am I the only one with such issues?  Other than this once in a while times. We live so peaceably like inseparable sisters.  I pray that God will grant me all the patience, respect, meekness and humility needed in this life and to humbly know when/how to diffuse situations without "adding fuel to fire."

I don't know but perhaps these instances can sometimes be compared to the realities of mariage.  Do you think so?  having a wife/husband that gets angry at things that wouldn't even mean anything to you. Having to try to mend their emotions or always dealing with these personality conflicts.  If that is the case marriage is truly Hard work.


  1. You must understand that you are more than a child to your mum.
    You are her support system, her evidence of success and her living testimony - to the fact that she triumphed as a single mother.
    The trick is to manage the relationship in such a way that you mind her feelings - but you remember that you must forge your own way in life. Not easy at all

    Like marriage...Not really ...becos in my marriage we keep drama to a minimum. I think it's more like a 'Symbiotic Relationship'?
    What do you think?

  2. Thanks N.I.L you are actually spot on in all that you have said!! Please pray for me that I will purposefully be mindful of her feelings. I love my mother very much.

  3. awww.
    First of, I'm happy for you that you have her.
    You both share a special bond and your face-offs are unavoidable. Perhaps looking beyond her actions to her intentions will make it easier. She means well and is from a different generation.
    Fast forward a few years and you'll be in her shoes, wondering why your kids don't see you point of view :o)

  4. My mom can be the same way at times and I understand how you feel, it can be so frustrating...NIL has said it all...our parents always mean well

    Just pray for her *hug*

  5. Thank you ALL for your encouraging words. Just want to report that we have overcome. Thanks for wispering a prayer for me/us. God Bless you all.

  6. I so second what NIL said. You are not just a daughter, you are her husband, her friend and much more. It`s obvious that she has become so open and emotionally vulnerable to you (as common with 2 people in any intimate relationship) and thats why she might take things more personally. I would encourage you to use this season to learn how to be sensitive (not saying that you are not...)and gentle when you have someones heart in your hands. It will def prepare you for marriage...

    LOL...does any of this make sense...


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